Grandparenting Books About Divorce
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Are there books that my parents could read about how to best support my nephews while their parents go through a divorce?

My sister is going through a divorce with husband who she discovered was cheating on her.
Because she lives in the same city as my parents they're shouldering a lot of the responsibility of looking after her three boys (ages 3 to 15). The divorce hit my parents out of the blue and while they're trying to be as supportive as possible both financially and emotionally, they're also a bit at sea and have made some misteps in terms of processing their disappointment in my brother-in-law in front of my nephews.

It's a bit difficult for us kids to talk with them about this, but my parents are book people (though not internet people beyond reading the newspaper online) and will work through a book together and talk about it. My father, in particular, came from a pretty dysfunctional family and prior to being a father he read through a lot of parenting books with my mom to try to figure out how to do better with his kids (and he succeeded--he was a great dad to me growing up). I'm wondering if there are book resources out there about how to be a supportive grandparent of children whose parents are divorcing.

A quick google search didn't turn up anything too promising (mostly books aimed at divorcing parents or children), but maybe I'm not using the right search terms. Anything you can point me towards would be much appreciated.
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Best answer: A couple books I have seen recommended, though I don't have experience using them myself:

"The Essential Grandparents' Guide to Divorce" by Lillian Carson

"Your Child's Divorce: What to Expect....What You Can Do" by Marsha Temlock (does include stuff about grandchildren)
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