My daughter caught a bug in her room and is not happy...
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Can you identify what it is? (the picture is a bit grainy, we had to trap it with tape on paper.) Is it a one off or the advance scout for the hordes to follow?
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How big is it?
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Response by poster: Here it is next to my little finger.
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I'm gonna say carpet beetle larva.
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Response by poster: Doesn't seem to have the rows of light brown hair and tail of longer hairs that carpet beetle larvae are described as having.
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Best answer: I'm not a bug expert but it looks like a Scarlet Malachite Beetle Larva. If so, it's predatory and not a pest. This blog author talks about finding one in a chest of drawers and rearing it to adulthood.
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Best answer: If it is a scarlet malachite beetle, it would be very cool to watch it grow up! Then you can release her back outside to take care of your garden.

Bonus: daughter learns that insects aren't all bad.
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Best answer: Here's a link to someone's story of raising one.

As the text says, the only way to really know what it is is to keep it around until it's an adult.
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