Photoshop ate my file.
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Photoshopfilter: Running 7.0 in OS 10.3. When trying to save a 60+ MB file, PS states "Could not save because of a disk error" and eats the file instead. 40 GB on the disk, no errors from Disk Utility.

Besides not being saved, the opposite happens—it has vanshed. I saw it in the finder window for just a second when I switched apps. Then, gone.

So, how do I make PS save correctly? And, is there anyway I can retrieve the unsaved soul or is it lost forever?
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What are your hardware specs?
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Response by poster: This, luckily, is not my Mac. 400 Mhz B&W G3, 512 MB, 60 GB. Pushed to its very limits by 10.3.9.
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This hasn't happened to me in years, so I can't say for sure if it's the same problem, but my B&W G3-350 always used to crap out on big files -- once I got to 20MB or so it seemed to have trouble. I don't recall the exact error message it would give me, just that it seemed to give up handling those big files.

It only happened to me a couple times, and I just bit the bullet and went down to 300 dpi when it did, so unfortunately I have no solution for you. The only thing I would recommend trying is to restart the computer, start PS without doing anything else, then try to manipulate and save the image a little just to see if PS will save it at all. If it will, then maybe it's just holding too many changes in memory by the time you try to save it. If it won't, then I'm out of ideas.
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Make sure that your scratch disk isn't set to some weird location. If that runs out of space, weird stuff can happen. I'd also try doing a "Save As…" and seeing if it works any better. I'm afraid that if your file doesn't show up with a file search, it's probably gone for good.
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This has happened to me a few times in After Effects or Premiere when Im gobbling up waaay to much RAM, usually when I have a few programs open at the same time as when Im rendering/compositing/editing etc... usually it just means I need to close extra programs. You most likely need more RAM.
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I'll second skrike -- tell your friend to add as much memory as the machine can handle; it will be much happier. At least get another 512MB stick.
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