Toshiba DVD/HDD recorder doesn't pick up certain stations?
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I have recently bought a Toshiba DVD/HDD recorder. It is hooked up to basic cable (no sat or hi-def) and I can use the TV Guide service to pick which programs I wish to record. The only problem is for some reason our local community cable station is not on the TV Guide grid so I can't record anything off of it. I receive the channel just fine. I've looked at different things throughout the user guide but cannot find anything on how to get the channel onto my TV Guide grid. Is there a way to do this?
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Search for your model. Search hard for answers before posting a question. Those guys are great but they don't have much patience for newbies posting FAQs.
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Give me a break! Shall I present a list of sources I searched to get answers before deciding to pay a fee and join Metafilter?

First I thoroughly searched the user manual, then I checked the manufacturers website, next searched the internet for anything related, tinkered with hook-ups to see if I could figure it out. Next step was to visit the dealer and ask if they had any ideas and finally asked friends, relatives, and co-workers who have a knack for tech related probs. For some reason I thought Metafilter might be a site where somone might have a tidbit of info that might help me.

"Newbie"? I have a feeling this is the problem with my post and not the question itself. An outsider trying to gain entrance into a clique with an alert doorman is now my first impression.

After reading other questions throughout Metafilter I think mine might've had too much detail.
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Before freaking out on AVS Forum or MetaFilter, re-read your initial post... you did not post the model DVD/HDD recorder you have or how you have it hooked up (beyond "basic cable"). Just because you can receive the channel you're interested in just fine doesn't mean the thing is hooked up correctly. If people knew the model number of your recorder they might be able to help you better, or point you in the direction of places with more information that you might not be aware of.

It seems a little like you are a bit sensitive about people asking for more information about your problem - There is no alert doorman blocking entrance into a clique here by my experience, only users who try to give succinct help to all who ask.

Intermod was giving you a pointer to a place where you could get information, but also cautioning you to look IN THAT FORUM before posting a question, not getting on your case about your post (like I am). Chill out!
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Fair enough. Point taken. I will chill.

The focus of my question was meant to be in regards to the TV Guide service. It seems to only display the schedule for the bigger stations in my area and not recognizing a couple of local community stations. Stations that I would like to record local happenings on.

I don't believe this to be a hook-up issue. I didn't think the model of the recorder(RD-XS34SU) or the TV (Mitsubishi) would be of any consequence. But I guess you're right every little bit of info may help.

The cable goes directly into the (RF in) recorder and a cable from the recorder (RF out) into the TV. No cable box is used.
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Pylon, dunno if you'll ever come back to read this, but I think you need to do some thinking about how you misread my response and went off on your rant. If you did it once here, you've probably been doing it elsewhere. My response was intended to be helpful and informative.

You'll get about 10 times better answers from AVS than from here, so head over there and good luck.
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