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What is this Thai food I vaguely remember?

Once upon a time (maybe 12 years ago) I was brought to a Toronto downtown restaurant (near Ryerson university, I THINK) for Thai(?) food. There was this one dish that was very tasty, very distinctive, but I haven't seen it on ANY Thai menu since.

It was seafood, served in a coconut, lightly spicy, contains cooked fish roe of some sort, and maybe other pieces of seafood that my young palate was not able to identify at the time. Now I'm getting childhood memory cravings for it! What could it be?

A recipe would be oh so very nice, but even the name of the dish so I can order it would be great.
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I think being served in a coconut shell is really kind of incidental to the kind of dish it was. That's more of a flourish. It could be almost anything, was it a soup? Was it curry?
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I remember it having red pepper flakes in it, and it was thick soup-ish. The only distinct taste I can remember was the cooked fish roe.
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Could it have been just a red or massaman curry with fish roe?
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Sounds like the Salad King to me, though I don't know the dish you speak of, nor do I know if it was around 12 years ago...
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Can't help you out with the name of the dish, but I agree with loquax; The restuarant was almost certainly Salad King. I know it's been around for at least 8 years, since the first time I went there was about that long ago.
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I would agree about it being Salad King except I can't imagine the pre-renovation Salad King serving anything in a coconut shell. It wouldn't have fit the aesthetic!
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If Thai, I would guess maybe a tom yum or tom kha seafood soup made with roe, however, Thai food doesn't use much fish roe and this didn't sound like a soup anyways.

Malay and Indonesian food feature more fish and it's not uncommon to get fish roe (telur ikan). Was there a strong curry flavor? A common preparation would be fish roe curry (gulai telur ikan).

I'll ask my friend if he's ever come across anything like what you're describing.
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Thanks for all the responses! I'll definitely drop by Salad King sometime next week to see if it'd jog my memory.

From he depths of childhood memory: white table cloths, dingy TINY little mints in wicker basket, coconut drinks with pieces of young coconut floating in it, super sweet. Parked on that quiet street in Ryerson and was a very short walk.

As for the soup, all I remember was that it had cooked fish roe (my favorite as a 12 year old), flakes of red pepper, and mostly mild except for the bits of pepper. I can't remember whether it was curry-ish. But definitely FISH, and definitely thick, and soup.
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"It was seafood, served in a coconut, lightly spicy, contains cooked fish roe of some sort, and maybe other pieces of seafood..."

Was the seafood in a sauce? The coconut shell makes me think of coconut milk, which is a common ingredient in thai curries, but you prolly know that. Thai curry is one of my absolute favorite foods in the whole wide world.
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