Best web hosting tech support?
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GoDaddy used to be beautiful - you could call them 24/7 and get someone almost immediately to kindly and competently help you with your website problem. Now I wait half-an-hour to get to someone who pretty clearly knows nothing about it, and I can only hope they are able to eventually find and read me the correct script. So I'm out, and I want to select my new host on the basis of superior tech support. This is for personal websites that will never get much traffic, so I hope to pay, say, less than $20/month. Who do you recommend?
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Response by poster: "Since going online in 1996, Pair has been committed to providing amazing, local, never-outsourced support. Our support techs work in the same facilities as our Pittsburgh datacenter. Support techs are on site 24/7 and never more than a short walk across the hall from your server. It doesn’t get much more local than that." Ding ding ding! And they can transfer my domains too. Goodbye GoDaddy! Thanks, Amtho!
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Hosting Matters. I've been with them for almost two decades, and when I do have hosting problems that I can't solve, they're on that stuff right quick. Response times are measured in minutes, not hours. The downside is that they don't do phone support. If you need help with anything, they do answer quick - but it's via a helpdesk.

They use DirectAdmin for the hosting control panel, so you may be familiar with that. They have lots of scripts that can install easily for no extra cost.

$11 per month for a unmetered disk space and bandwidth.

I've had my personal and professional sites there since the early 00s. Before that I was with Webcom, and before them Cruzio (a local BBS.)
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I think I called them last night, as a matter of fact. Still excellent.
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Oh, and their registrar business is When I started using them it was called PairNIC.
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Belatedly seconding I've been with them for 21 years now, and the few times I've had to call them about something (since normally everything just works) I have gotten prompt, personalized service from a competent person. They've let me keep my legacy account type and helped me work around issues with email on my older OS, and far from trying to shuffle me off with "it's not us, it's you", the last time I called them the support person went above and beyond helping me sort out the "me" part of the issue as well.
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I use Pair as my registrar but Siteground as my host. Siteground has pretty much instant support via chat and they always know what they're talking about and most problems are literally solved in a minute or two.
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When I sold a domain name some years ago, Godaddy support was completely unable to assist the buyer with transferring it form my very ordinary registrar, so they just signed up with my registrar.
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