Help me find a simple gamepad
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I'm looking for a very simple USB gamepad. It should have a d-pad, no analog sticks, and as few action buttons as possible, ideally only two. Current trends in gamepads are packing them ever-tighter with buttons, so I despair of finding a gamepad with less than 8 buttons and triggers. Any ideas?

The RetroPad would be great, except it's too small/unergonomic, plus I'm planning on modding it so I hate the idea of wasting beautiful nostalgic Nintendo gear.
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See if you can find a store's shoddy own-brand pad - I bought one from GAME in the UK a few years back that's almost exactly what you descibe.
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I use the Microsoft Sidewinder Game Pad for old console emulation. Seems like a good fit. 6 buttons, no analog sticks.
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Logitech Gamepad. Six button + d-pad.
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How about this?
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Sega have officially released a version of the original Saturn pad for the PC, with an eye toward emulation and homebrew games, I suspect - it's got a few more buttons than your ideal (six plus two triggers) but on the other hand you can be assured it has a lovely d-pad and button action, unlike a lot of PC peripheral companies' efforts.
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Err. I wish I had looked at that retro pad link more and realised thats exactly what you do not want.
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There are a few converters out there that will make old console controllers talk to a computer via USB. A quick google search yielded this SNES-to-USB adaptor.
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You might try a Gravis Gamepad Pro. It's essentially a PS2 controller (4 buttons, 4 triggers), which might be overkill for your purposes, but it's the closest thing I can think of aside from actual old-school console controllers. Plus, you can find them really cheap on eBay.
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I used to have one of these although I'm not sure they ever made a USB version.
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Jinx, mikeh. I used to have one of those too -- it came bundled with Commander Keen, IIRC -- but it wasn't USB.
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Thanks for the suggestions. It's unfortunate that many of the de-buttoned game pads are not being manufactured any more. The Sidewinder and Logitech gamepad appear to be my best options so far.

Believe it or not, when I tried a Gravis Gamepad Pro I felt that the build quality was too awful even for my modest purposes. :-) I had one of those old-school joystick-port gamepads that mikeh mentions and it was much better-made. Kids these days!
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cheap ones on currently 2.79. figured the price might make you overlook the fact that it has 10 buttons + slomo&turbo. I have a couple and they are good even with button mashers like pro wrestling on the NES
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How about this adapter
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