Large format glossy prints?
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Where can I order large(r) format glossy prints online?

I've a handful of digital photographs that I'd like to get prints of in 11x4 or 20x30 or so sizes. All of the online photo places I've used (Shutterfly, Ofoto/KodakGallery) only offer matte versions above 8x10. I know flickr offers them glossy, but who else? What's the quality like (assuming the resolution is adequate for size purchased)?
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I've been pleased with Adorama: good quality and prices. They're closed for Passover now, though.
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Check with your local "blueprint" shops, which most likely don't actually do blueprints any more. The way printing plans and other large format drawings works these days, a photo file isn't that big of a deal. Most of the former blueprinters that I know have large-format color printing for ads, posters and such as one of their sideline businesses. Give them a call (or an email) and check what their capabilities are and what print mediums they have. Most shops that I deal with have an FTP site or some other large-file transfer thing set up. If you're really picky (which is totally understandable), and local shops don't have the printing mojo that you need, you could also investigate shops in cities like Chicago or NY.
posted by LionIndex at 11:10 AM on April 12, 2006 does 12x18 glossy prints. That's their only size larger than 8x10, though.
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Oh, they also do 11x14 and 8x12, I missed that initially in the drop-down menu.
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exogenous, I had no idea they did prints - I will absolutely be looking into them.

Keep the suggestions coming.

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I get lots of very large stuff printed from . They are very cheap, and offer matte or glossy, with amazing quality output.
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For Canadians, London Drugs ( has excellent photo services and offer a wide range of products including large glossy photos.
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I've used EZ Prints, and they offer glossy at up to 20x30. Good work and good prices.
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