Help me create a flickr-type site!
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Help me catalog and organize our graphic files! I'm trying to catalog thousands of graphic files, mainly Illustrator and EPS files. That part's not too hard. The problem I'm running into is, how do I have the catalog accessible to everyone in our company, preferably on our intranet?...

Ideally, the file names and directory paths could be searchable (e.g. if I have a file stored in directory /thisgraphic/thatcategory/sports, I'd like to be able to find it by searching "thisgraphic" OR "thatcategory" OR "sports".)

In addition, I'd like everyone to be able to tag the files, a la flickr, also using (preferably) a web interface. I've looked the heavy hitters like Portfolio, Cumulus, and iView. While the cataloging part is pretty easy, the putting everything on web AND having them searchable AND having tagging doesn't seem so easy.
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