What is the best "starter" digital camera for a five year old?
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What is the best "starter" digital camera for a five year old?

You can probably guess the criteria here, rugged, easy to use, resolution and image quality not so important. Should probably also be inexpensive under $100 if possible.
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The "FunkyCam"!
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Why not post a Craigslist ad stating budget and its intended purpose? I'm sure plenty of people would sell you their old digicam for cheap if they knew a joyful five-year-old would be its new master. No sense buying new for your less discriminating customer.
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A used one. Used digital cameras are cheap, cheap, cheap and if it breaks you just get another one. Another option is a hacked disposable digital camera.
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Is ebay the best place to get a used digital camera, or are there more appropriate venues?

While I'm not a 5 year old, after a few beers I certainly can act like one with a digital camera. I'd like to find a used camera with the same criteria
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I agree with the used camera route. My almost 5 year old has an old Kodak DC210 and knows his way around the controls quite well.
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we gave our 7 year old nephew our old digital camera (1st out of 3 digital cameras we've owned -- 2nd is still a backup camera) which was super high tech at the time (7 or 8 years ago?) and big and clunky... since it's bigger and has bigger controls, it's easier for him to manipulate.
it's got a lot of settings and junk on it, but he could care less - we just set it on auto and go..
he's SUPER thrilled that he can take pictures and view them immediately. And he can save special ones off to the computer, if he so chooses.
I highly recommend a used one that has a point and click (auto) capability. I'm sure you should be able to find something cheap on e-bay/craigslist/whatever.
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Maybe start with something cheap and simple; this thread has some good links.
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It might be nice if the camera has better than passable quality, if there's any chance the child will look at the photos when it's no longer five. If I were in your position, I'd probably pick a Canon, something from the 'S' line. The Olympus C-211 might also be worth considering: a 5-year old might have a lot of fun with its integrated polaroid.
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I picked up an old used 1.5 megapixel Sony at my friendly local camera store. It was on consignment for $60, but I walked out of there with it for $50 + free (small) memory stick.

Our five year old (and my wallet) couldn't be happier.
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