2 Dedicated Servers, 1 Month, 100 Mb/Sec, 1000GB Data Tansfer
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I recently signed up for two high power servers (1 linux, 1 win2k3) with a dedicated hosting provider that turned out to be terrible. As a result I won't be keeping the servers, but they won't refund my first months payment. So, I have 2 servers 100mb/sec internet connection 1000gb bandwidth. Any ideas? Nothing illegal or immoral. Was thinking of a pulic mirror - or hosting some high demand files for a good cause? Problem is it's only for a month, so is it worth it? Ideas?
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Problem is it's only for a month, so is it worth it?

Doubtful. In my experience, just offering to be a public mirror of some big repository takes about a week of going back and forth with details, and then another week of soak time before you get added to any lists of mirrors.
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Run a FreeNet or Coral Cache node.
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I second the FreeNet/Coral Cache idea.
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Don't forget Tor!
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Please don't offer to mirror any projects for a month or less. You will just end up polluting the list of mirrors with a non-working site address after a few weeks.
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Find some torrents of popular distributions (For Instance) and seed them for the month.

It's better than a mirror, since torrent seeds are(usually) permanent.
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Bah, "aren't (usually) permanent".
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Yeah, torrent something popular. All you do is start up a bittorrent client, and load in a bunch of torrents. It contacts the tracker, finds other peers, and awaaaaay goes the bandwidth. When the month is up, just shut 'em down and no one is any worse off.

There's a lot of legal torrents out there that could really use the help:
Legal Torrent Sites

(If you want help setting this up, please email me. My address is in my profile.)
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