Jennifer Coolidge's fabulous green silk dressing gown
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I am obsessed, OBSESSED with the green silk dressing gown Jennifer Coolidge is wearing in this recent Uber Eats ad. Can you help me find one like it?

The goal is to swan around the house like a decadent, wealthy recluse with a secret.

I received something not unlike this particular gown years ago as a gift but it's long gone and I miss having it. I especially like the thickness of the fabric and the generous cut, as the ones I'm finding online seem a little skimpy and not terribly well made. The green is lovely, but I'm open to other rich, malevolent hues.

I'd like a long length (I'm 5'4"ish.) I'd like to avoid Amazon. I have no idea what something like this might cost.
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Best answer: I haven't pulled the trigger, but a friend has been trying to sell me on Kim + Ono robes for years—to the point of making me try hers on, so I can testify that they're quite substantial for being so flowy. Perhaps the coral chrysanthemum or peony and butterfly in emerald?
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It's not the same but it's, you know, all right.
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Chrissie Teigen is a bit more complicated than she used to be, but if you can get around that, there's also this
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Best answer: I have this Kim + Ono long satin robe in teal, and it's somewhat thin fabric, but it feels like it cost more than $50. They don't seem to have these lower-end ones on their main website, but they have it in a lot of styles on their Etsy shop.
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Perhaps something from Trashy Diva in New Orleans?
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I bet you can find something appropriate on Etsy! I would search "emerald green silk long robe floral." A key word for you given your desires might be "lined" -- most of the options won't be, and that weight seems important to you.
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If you want a ridiculously fantastic robe, you want Catherine D'Lish.
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This is not the robe in the commercial but if you want something rich and decadent feeling to swan around in, with thick fabric, a generous cut, and lush colours, I'd reccomended taking a look at Catherine D'lish

(ha! Scooped by jocelmeow )
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Maybe this one.
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Best answer: mochapickle, please add me to your newsletter's subscriber list?

Per previous answers, the price range for such apparel is wide, from KIM+ONO satin silk robes [Walmart link, many colors] through, like, silk robes at Derek Rose. You could pick your satin silk robe's jewel-tone and length at Etsy's silkandmore. (Linking to the 'bridesmaids robes' bulk-buy listing merely for the color swatches -- certainly not to encourage multiple robe purchases!) (But I ask you, as a concerned friend: whatever will you swan about in, when your primary dressing gown is off getting laundered? Your new undertaking has the makings of a "First, be smart from the very beginning" situation.) The company offers patterned robes and bold silk caftans, too. Still at Etsy, ORTUPESKimonoRobes also has made-to-order Ladies' Kimono Robes in Liberty Silk Satin. Some silk-blend "machine wash cold" robes. WearTheWorldLabel kimono. Long, silk, shawl-collar robes. If vintage holds any appeal, examples 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

(The dressing gown in the commercial wouldn't look out of place on Coolidge's Tanya character in The White Lotus. Vanity Fair interviewed the show's costume designer Alex Bovaird, and the article has more clothing resources. Lastly, fwiw, that dressing gown may not be silk. Last year, Bustle's Jennifer Coolidge Will See You Now piece noted that in preparation for the magazine's photo shoot, Coolidge had made a special, expensive stop at a New Orleans vintage clothing shop to buy backup outfits: "she knew she wasn’t the easiest-going model to begin with because she doesn’t wear animal products.")
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When you see a celebrity wearing silk nightwear these days it's usually Olivia von Halle.
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Looks a lot like this to me but I can't get a side-by-side on the tablet I'm using. sulaine's link may have solved a present problem.
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Response by poster: SO MANY PRETTY THINGS! I loved seeing all of the options. And wow, Iris Gambol, your comment sent me down a very cheerful rabbit hole of general fabulousness.

It's a challenge to find the right balance between divine, effortless glamour and my actual life, which usually involves a great deal of dog hair + preternatural clumsiness + foods involving melted cheese. Some of the KIM+ONO synthetic and washable silk options are looking like they will likely fit the bill and I was grateful to see the positive firsthand accounts here.

You're all the best, thank you so much!
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