ISO seat cushion with attached back, for singing
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I'm looking for a seat cushion with an attached back cushion, to put me in a good singing position.

My choral society unfortunately rehearses in a space where I'm required to sit on a wooden bench with a back, like a church pew, that forces me into a bad position for singing. Both the seat part and the back part are tilted slightly backwards. It would be OK if I just needed to lean back, relax, and look up to watch a movie. But it's all wrong for singing, where I need a seat that's more horizontal and a back that's more vertical.

There are a lot of wedge-shaped seat cushions, which might help, but I'd like to find one with an attached back if I can.

I guess I could bring my own chair, but that's a distant third choice.

So, any tips on how to find a portable seat cushion/back combo, where the seat and back parts are somewhat wedge-shaped, to rotate me forward a little bit? Failing that, what's your best wedge cushion for the seat only? Thanks in advance.
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Everyone at my son’s camp uses a Crazy Creek chair during their nighttime campfires. It’s a cushion with an attached back and has survived multiple summers of hard use at this point.
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The general name for these is "stadium seat" or "bleacher seat."
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I don’t have a favorite wedge seat cushion, but if you get 2 wedge pillows, you could attach them by sewing two normal pillow cases together. The sewn together part would be the short side of the pillow case opposite the opening. Then after the wedge pillows are slipped in, you can sew up the open ends to hold them in place, install zippers/Velcro to make them removable, or just fold over/tuck in the extra fabric.
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Look in the outdoor furniture section of your local big box hardware/home improvement store. They have lots of cushions to go with outdoor chairs and chaises including some with the base and back attached to each other. They may have what you need.
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Response by poster: I ended up getting a simple wedge-shaped seat cushion, without a back, and it helps a lot. Thanks for your contributions.
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