dino shark crochet blanket pattern
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Hi AskMe, I know this is a stretch.... Does anyone have a crochet pattern for a baby blanket that has sharks and dinosaurs (t-rex preferred)?
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You should probably get an account with ravelry.com to do a search...I found "baby blanket shark" (Ravelry link but I didn't love most of the options) and "baby blanket dinosaur" but not "sharks and dinosaurs." This one might be your best bet because it has ocean things, but presumably you could applique on a dinosaur instead. And oh look, here's a dinosaur version from the same lady!
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This page of search results on Ravelry has some cute T Rex options, ranging from simple to very complex. If you want both sharks and dinosaurs on the same blanket, you could try a search for shark/dino applique or block and then put the blocks together in one blanket.
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If you're fairly comfortable adapting patterns then OwlBHooked has a shark pattern and a couple of dinosaur patterns that could be combined. I'm busy with the cat blanket and the pattern is very easy to follow and two (or more!) patterns could definitely be combined!
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Response by poster: I appreciate the help so far and the recommendations are definitely helping me ask a better question. This is an ask for someone else, so I am nowhere near fluent in using the correct terminology.

With that in mind, the end result is to be a baby blanket. The person doing the crocheting does not want to do applique, as they don't like how it looks on the back side. They are digging this for the dinosaur part. We haven't really found a square with borders for a shark, though. Everything is all "shark eating my feet" socks or "shark eating my body" blanket.

This might work?
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