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Drinking Question: Recently was told to cut out carbonation and juices because of a stomach problem, but the gastroentestinologist said alcohol is still OK. So what's the best mixed drink you can think of with no bubbles or acidic juices?
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Scotch or good Tequilla.
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milk's out too.....and scotch is already on my list.
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Blueberry Tea? (I like: early grey + Irish whiskey)

Come to think of it, God's Blessings - good coffee and Irish whiskey.

Or hell, a nice Irish whiskey like Bushmills (1608 - the Black Bush is a little more expensive and a little stronger, tastewise - it may take some growing to love-to).

Good ol' Bloody Mary (tomato juice, vodka, & lemon juice) or the Canadian take on it, the Caesar with Clamato (tomato and clams, what's not to like?), vodka, and worstershire sauce (celery is fine, but munching on a pickled stringbean/redrunner or asparagus spear is a pleasant departure). I like adding a bit of garlic to mine, and real chopped up chilis over tabasco sauce. On the mundane side, there's the ol' screwdriver; vodka + OJ.

Sex on the Beach is non-carbonic. As is the Leprechaun for that matter.

I'm also fond of the cosmopolitan but then again, there's a lot to be said for a nice "drinking man's cocktail" - the Manhattan. Along the same vein, you have your various martinis (I like mine perfect - 1 Stolichnaya, 1 Beefeaters, 1/2 Noilly Prat dry vermouth - save the Martini & Rossi for your Manhattan - and either a couple of capers or a single pickled pearl onion).
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Martini. Gibson. Manhattan. No bubbles or added acids.
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Why not switch to wine?
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Vodka goes with anything, Gatorade, Kool-Aid, or neat (straight up).

Good tequila is great as well, straight up without the lemon.

Jell-o shots with gin or vodka.
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Yeah seriously, wine. There's so much depth there that it turns into a hobby after a while.

Plus, it gets you drunk.
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mmm Chocolate Martini...
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The Acidity of Wine. In other words, wine is bad for this particular poster's stomach.
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Black russian.

Best drink there is.
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martini (gin, dry vermouth, orange bitters (optional))
manhattan (bourbon/rye, sweet vermouth, bitters)
old-fashioned (bourbon/rye, sugar, angostura bitters--using peach bitters is really nice too)
mint julep (bourbon/rye, mint, sugar)
sazerac (rye, pastis, sugar, peychaud's bitters)
old pal (bourbon/rye, dry vermouth, campari)
rose (dry vermouth, kirschwasser, raspberry syrup)
fancy free (rye, maraschino, orange bitters, angostura bitters)
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White russian.
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brooklyn (rye, maraschino, dry vermouth, amer picon)
If you can use rose's lime, which bears only the faintest resemblance to actual lime juice, you can make gimlets.
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If you're going to make a white russian, you have to serve it as a separator. First you put ice cubes in the highball glass. Then you add the Kahlua.

Second layer is milk, poured onto a spoon held in the glass just above the Kahlua.

Wash off the spoon, then pour the vodka onto the spoon to form the third layer.

Serve with the spoon on the side, so it can be stirred up just before drinking.
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Jack Daniels straight out of the bottle, keep the bottle in the freezer if you like.
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Sounds like a job for Extra Tasty!
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If you can use rose's lime, which bears only the faintest resemblance to actual lime juice, you can make gimlets.

But please don't. That stuff is vile!
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Sorry. Not for the OP, but if you're making gimlets, use fresh lime juice... you'll never go back. (I won't even keep Rose's in my home -- nasty stuff!)
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I think the weird funkiness of Rose's is acceptable in, and only in, gimlets. 3 gin : 1 rose's, it's not so bad.
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Eh, too each his own, I guess. Try them side-by-side. Use a little simple syrup if you miss the cloying sweetness of Rose's. In my years as a bartender, I won many a patron over to the bright side.
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I don't think Long Island Iced Tea has enough carbonation to count as a carbonated drink.
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Since milk is out, try the white russian w/ soy milk. Even more delicious, in my opinion.
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er *to each...* ugh
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oh, and
negroni (gin, campari, sweet vermouth)
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Favorite spirit at the moment is Hendrick's Gin - delicious with aroma of cucumber and rose.

Serve it in a martini or straight up, both with a slice of English cucumber.
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Jagermeister is good for the stomach. Various German herbal schnapps are taken as "digestives" to aid the stomach -- these concoctions are generally products of southern Germany or Bavaria, and bear no resemblance to the cheap fruit or mint flavored "schnapps" often sold in American liquor stores. Some people who love to eat swear by Italian grappa as being just the thing for troubled or abused stomachs. Some mezcal (not tequila) is said to be very beneficial for stomach problems.
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You specifically mention mixed drinks, so perhaps my suggestions won't work for you. However, a terrific rum like Rhum Barbancourt [warning: Flash] -- the 8yo is very good, but the 15yo is amazing -- would fit your requirements, but the range of sipping rums available is staggering. While they aren't as common as high-end scotch or whisky, they are becoming easier to find, in part because the cost is much more reasonable. You should have no trouble finding something like Gosling's Black Seal [warning: Flash site with sound], but don't be fooled into thinking that the name Bacardi indicates a premium rum. (Okay, the Barcardi 8 isn't too bad, and the Anejo is okay. But if it has fruit flavoring, stay away. Assuming you aren't in high school, that is.)

Of course, considering herbal beverages opens up a whole new world. Chartreuse -- green or yellow -- is marvelous and complex. And as mentioned, Jagermeister is "good for what ails ya."
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Your best bet are going to be martini-style cocktails. Namely, mostly liquor and liquers. That's if you are dead set on mixed drinks. Otherwise I'd take this as golden opportunity to try some quality sipping liquors.

Some that will not let you down:

Grey goose; Hangar One (Hangar one also makes extremely high quality flavored vodkas); Chopin; Belvedere. Try at room temp or straight out of the freezer

If you are used to scotch, you may wish to try aƱejos, as it is closer to what you are used to. Although blancos and resposados are both very tasty. Brands to try include: Casa Noble (among the finest tequilas around); El Tesoro; Patron. All these brands are 100% agave, and absolutely delicious for sipping.

Perfect straight or in a martini. Try Bombay (regular or sapphire) - which is very complex, or Tanqueray/Tanqueray 10, which is very focused, with regular Tanq having a very strong clean juniper flavor, and Tanq 10 having a more ethereal citrusy note.

As several above posters have remarked herbal liquers have been used for centauries as digestion aids. YMMV as they are usually hard on my stomach, but they are certainly worth a shot. In addition to the Jaeger and Chartreuse mentioned above, I'd suggest benedictine (I know several who swear by it and it has a very complex and distinctive herbal bite to it, it's almost like a buzzsaw on the tongue).

If you have some extra $$$ to spend any name brand XO cognac (e.g. courvoisier, hennessey, remy martin) would be an outstanding choice. If are like me and only have $ to spend, definatley give Remy Martin VSOP a try. They add some significantly older cognacs to it than is average for a VSOP, and it shows-beautiful notes of fruits and spices, without the fire-water burn of cheaper cognac/brandies.

I'm glad you are planning on drinking more scotches. I can suggest some specific bottlings to try if you provide more info, but may I also suggest trying the world outside of scotland? Jameson and RedBreast (same distiller) make some outstanding irish whiskies, and knob creek and Pappy Van Winkle 15yo bourbons are world class by any measure. For something a little different Rye is making a comeback, and for good reason. It's incredibly flavorful and just a little bit different. If you can find it Pappy van winkle 13yo Rye is a steal at $25 a bottle, but I hear old overholt and jim bean also make passable ryes.
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*Jim Beam (should've used that spelling checker...)
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If you order an Old Fashioned (and you should), make sure the bartender doesn't put soda water (!) in it. You might think that none would be so foolish, but you'd be wrong.
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Hard to imagine what sort of stomach condition would put alcohol ahead of carbonated beverages. I have a friend that like's sidecars, but they look hideous.
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Sidecars have lemon juice in them

They are passable if made with high enough quality ingredients, but in that case seem to be less than the sum of their parts.
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Combining several suggestions above, a Rob Roy is a Manhattan made with Scotch instead of bourbon. This is one of my new favorite drinks to order. It's fun to get this mistaken for a Roy Rogers, which is a Shirley Temple with coke instead of 7-up, and have the bartender laugh at you, only to then laugh in his face when you explain how to make it.
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