keto/low-carb cupcake or baked good option for delivery in NYC
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I'm looking to get a small birthday treat delivered tomorrow morning in NYC (chinatown) for my boyfriend's birthday. Something sweet and low-carb/keto. Cupcake, brownie, donut etc would all be acceptable. I need to be able to order it online from Europe and have it delivered to his hotel. Do you know of options available on UberEats or similar?

I'm not super picky about the exact type of baked good, something sweet would suffice, as long as it's reasonably low-carb.

I just want something small he can enjoy, as he'll be on his own and far away from home on his birthday. A box of doughnuts would be overkill, for example. Cost is not really an issue, but I don't want to be wasteful and buy way more than he can reasonably eat.

I know his hotel address but not the exact room number, and I'd prefer to keep this a surprise if possible. I'm guessing the hotel front desk would not share this type of info if I called and asked...

All tips welcome!
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I would call the hotel; they can probably send something up to him.
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