Montreal standout restaurants and jazz clubs
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I'll be in Montreal in June, and we're looking for some standout restaurants to make reservations for now, or just your favorite restaurants (any cuisine). Also, any recommendations on where to see some jazz? We're staying in the Hochelaga neighborhood, and we'll get around by public transport, car-share, and walking.
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Best answer: Eater Montreal is pretty good with recs: Some Eater recs for Hochelaga here.

Upstairs is reputable as a jazz bar.

Take a look at Cult MTL local culture mag for updates on music programming and tips of things to do.
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The Jazz Festival is on, this summer, from June 30 to July 9.
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Best answer: Restaurants (fine diningish):
Au Pied de Cochon
Montreal Plaza
Joe Beef

Restaurants (casual):
La Banquise (24 hr poutine joint)

St Viateur
St Urbain

Dieu de Ciel
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Best answer: Resonance cafe on Parc Avenue has a lot of young indie jazz shows (and vegan food).

Upstairs jazz bar in downtown has bigger and more conventional shows (from what I've seen).

Ive also seen some shows at bars like Cheval Blanc and Casa del Popolo (which might be closed now'd have to check). Places like Belmont and Divan Orange too but I believe they are both sadly closed too. I am also seeing a jazz show at Ausgang Plaza in a few months (havent been there before).

Choosing a restaurant in Montreal is pretty tricky because there are just so many options from every possible world cuisine. I remember places like Joe Beef, Garde Manger, Bouillon Bilk for steak and the like. I honestly prefer the small neighborhood restaurants and dive bars. There's little Italy, Little Portugal, Chinatown, Parc Ex has many Indian and Pakistani restaurants. There is an amazing Syrian restaurant on Jean Talon called Le Petit Alep.. It all depends what kind of food you want.
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Best answer: Leméac and L'Express are incredible French restaurants, and both of them are extremely popular. Leméac is a bit more fancy, L'Express is a bistro, and both of them are worth visiting.

Au Pied de Cochon is another classic, its menu is decadent and unique.

Schwartz's is a place for a great lunch, they sell what's known as smoked meat, and it's delicious; there is often a line there, though, and if you want to avoid the wait, the alternative preferred by a lot of the people who live here is across the street, and it's called Main Deli.

Joe Beef is a place with a famous chef, an emphasis on meat, and really phenomenal food. Reservations are hard to get.

Hélicoptère is right in Hochelaga, and superlative.

Neither of these are a restaurant, exactly, but St-Viateur Bagel and Fairmount Bagel sell Montreal bagels, which are incredible and unlike any other bagels.

Ma Poule Mouilée sells superb Portugese chicken, which is a big thing in Montreal. If you go there, try the sardines, too, they are amazing.

Beauty's Luncheonette is where people go for brunch. The Olympic is where people go for a good espresso. If you want to really experience the Montreal food scene you can't skip these two.

It's worth stopping by Arhoma, since you'll be in Hochelaga, to grab a baguette and some cheese, or some croissants; this is the best bakery I have ever been to.

If you want to get a poutine, swing by La Pataterie on Ontario, it's in your neighborhood, too.

I hope you enjoy the visit.
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I had a brainfart; st urbain is in toronto, not Montreal.
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Best answer: For a quite nice meal — it's upscale but not stuffy — you have Hoogan et Beaufort in that area. They're real pros and they do a great job highlighting Quebec ingredients.

Hélicoptère is a great bet in that area too. They have a café -- Hélico -- next door that makes really good pastries and coffees.

Arhoma is a great stop for a pastry and the bread is good. (The best baguettes for my money are at Automne Boulangerie and Guillaume. But, really, that just says more about the level of bread-baking in this city. They do stand out for the breadth of their offering between pastries, desserts and breads.)

In my experience, Eater really is a solid overview of dining here; agreed with above. Their essential restaurants and hottest new restaurants would take you all over the city.

If you want a place outside your area with a real neighbourhoody feel, try Le Elsdale. I think it's a little off the radar but it's really creative and solid.
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Best answer: Joe Beef is my single favorite restaurant experience of all time. Sit at the bar and you will never regret it.

Vin Papillon, a sister restaurant just up the block, is also divine. Both are a couple of blocks from Atwater Market, and close to the canal, which should still have some lilacs blooming along the path in June.
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St Viateur is not in Toronto. The bagel place is on the street of the same name in the Mile End in Montreal.

Brawls have broken out between aficionados of Fairmount and St-Viateur bagels. The bakeries are about a ten-minute walk from each other through Mile End streets.

Watch this video for a glimpse of Hochelaga.
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