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I got my timing wrong and I am exhausted halfway through making a batch of kimchi. Can I store the rinsed wilted cabbage and what I’ve cut for the paste in the fridge and finish the process tomorrow?

I don’t really follow recipes so I couldn’t tell you how well-salted the cabbage is, but it’s fully bendy and was sitting salted and weighted for about eight hours today. I rinsed it three or four times and it’s been sitting in a colander for about an hour while I dragged myself around chopping stuff. I have matchsticks of radish and carrot but nothing else has been made, so no ginger or onion or scallion etc, and I haven’t made the slurry yet either. Typically I do a grated Asian pear for the sweetness, I haven’t cut mine yet.

I would love nothing more than to fridge things and finish tomorrow, but will this be dangerous? I usually leave it out for a couple days and then fridge it, using cleaned old pickle jars. I don’t have any seafood so it will just be fish sauce and kombu in this batch. I make some type of kimchi a few times a year but I’ve never not made it all in one day.

If it will be safe but maybe the wrong texture, that’s okay and I haven’t really got specific plans for it and nappa cabbage was on sale anyway so I can consider it a food experiment. If you think it might not ferment right, that’s what I’m concerned about. Thank you, glorious cooks of Mefi!
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Best answer: Yes, put the cabbage away, you have a random Korean American person on the internet's permission to finish it tomorrow. I did something similar when I made radish kimchi way back when and it was fine. The fermentation will work.
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Response by poster: Thank you for reassuring me, spamandkimchi! I could not think of someone more eponysterical to have responded to my sleepy concerns.
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Salty cabbage is very patient
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