Please help me find this comedy sketch.
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I think I remember seeing a comedy sketch of some women celebrating another woman's birthday -- maybe age 40? 35? -- in which a sign of her maturity that emerged late in the sketch was that she had sudden onset of uncontrollable eye rolling. Can you help me find this?

I really need to communicate to a younger person that, for women of a certain age, being frustrated with trying to communicate, or with trying to be taken seriously, is normal. Other examples, either narrative or research-based, are welcome.

I already found this incredible Tracey Ullman sketch and I adore it, but she's reacting to extreme people, not an everyday dude.
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Response by poster: Maybe? I have seen that before (awesome), but I'm hoping I'm also remembering one in which the women are actually having a party or lunch.

More importantly (in my real or imagined sketch), the eye-rolling wasn't at extreme/unfortunate/outlier annoyances, but at something (or things) more common or less easy to understand for younger people.
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I thought it might be this Inside Amy Schumer sketch, but there's no specific mention of the eye rolling (though they do plenty of it).
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Sounds like something from Baroness von Sketch Show but I only found this one that takes place in a doctor's office, not a birthday, and the eye-rolling is due to the state of the world.
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Response by poster: Definitely not the Amy Schumer sketch. It's more about the world actually being, well, stupid sometimes, and the inability to not see it as you get older.
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Is this perhaps from 30 Rock or Kimmy Schmidt? Eyerolling features prominently in both...
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Response by poster: Haven't seen Kimmy Schmidt (not even clips), so not that. Maaaaybe 30 Rock, but I don't think so.
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This really sounds like Canadian show Baronesss Von Sketch Show (which has a lot of clips on Facebook), but I don't know which episode.
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Hm... could you be thinking of the Baroness sketch Perimenopause - is it? and conflating it with the eyerolling one linked above?
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Age Aunt Nothing But A Number from A Black Lady Sketch Show is probably not what you're looking for but has similar themes.
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