What is this early 2010s blog?
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I followed a blogger in the early 2010s who posted fashion, design, and cooking (including molecular gastronomy). Who was it?

Here's what I remember about this person's blog:
- Woman
- I think lived in NYC or London, possibly Sinagpore?
- Posted very beautiful, large photos of her cooking, art, and design
- Some molecular gastronomy
- Some of her cooking featured beakers and scientific equipment, but more for aesthetic purposes
- Sold some bags and jackets that she designed on her site
- Stopped posting at one point, then her domain was sold
- I distinctly remember a "what ever happened to ___" article on her - she was fairly popular
- I think the title started with an R, and ended with "ista" or "ette"
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Best answer: Luxirare! I wonder about what happened to her often, I think she is kind of a genius.
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Best answer: luxirare.com? "Killer clothes and fine cuisine"

Interviewed by The Cut, of New York Magazine, back in 2009

Your post immediately reminded me of the edible Christmas tree post: http://web.archive.org/web/20131129115156/http://luxirare.com/edible-christmas-tree/, it took me a minute to remember the name of Sanbitter which then led me to links talking about it

Also - Luxirare is (not) back, from 2016
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Response by poster: YES! Thank you both.
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OH MAN I have also been looking for this but I couldn't even get enough of a description together to post the question. Thank you!
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