Where can I learn more about social housing?
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Where can I learn more about social housing? Especially tried-and-tested implementations and practical considerations.

I understand it is related but not quite identical to public housing.

Looking for links, books, or resources to read further, not just comments that try to explain the gist of the concept (although those might be helpful too).

Previously on the green.
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Best answer: There are various different types of social housing, but you could look to Social Housing in Europe II: A review of policies and outcomes, a book-length discussion of social housing approaches in Europe.

Singapore and Vienna are the two models I often hear mentioned by social housing advocates in my neck of the woods, if that helps you focus your research.
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Very weird that I just sent an email regarding my union's support for this social housing bill seconds before logging in to mefi and seeing this question!
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Best answer: One of the policy efforts related to that bill is East Bay for Everyone's California Housing Corporation: The Case for a Public Sector Housing Developer (more here when their website starts working again), in which the arguments could apply to most any state.
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Do you need the information to be place specific (ie to US or Europe) or can it be related to any kind of social housing?
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Best answer: I like the report Social Housing in United States by Peter Gowan and Ryan Cooper. Will try to rummage through my hard drive / syllabi later and post more suggestions.
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