mod Win laptop touchpad taps (that aren't baked into driver)?
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I am sad that new laptop has removed ability to pick "right-click tap a corner of your choice" , that I liked on old laptop. (I had it set to tap on upper & lower right). The new baked-in-by-microsoft driver, which uses Win 10 touchpad settings, appears to have "right-click with two fingers", and "right click by clicking 'button' area under lower right of touchpad surface." I'd be ok with the latter except the physical click button is pretty tough to press for a laptop. Arg. Suggestions? (besides, get a different laptop)

Being that I'm not a programmer, nor programmer of drivers, probably the answer is "no". I did run across nifty freeware called 'gesturesign' that lets you mod non-tapping gestures of touchpads/surfaces, and create bunches of drag gestures. I do not need these. : )

I got the manufacturer of my laptop to cough up the fact that it is a Synaptics touchpad, but I can't find anywhere online where there's a 3rd party Synaptics notebook touchpad installer that seems safe or appropriate to use.

I pondered throwing my older, external USB touchpad drivers on there, that I use with a desktop - but it's not Synaptics, so the odds of that working well seem nil.

Thank you, my fellow high-maintenance-touchpad-using MeFiters.
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Best answer: According to PC Mag, you may be able to sorta "hack" it by installing Lenovo pad drivers on non-lenovo laptops. But you lose the 3-finger gestures from Win10.

They suggest "multiswipe" a $5 shareware utility.
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Best answer: I don't have windows to try this out on, but this link and this one suggest some registry keys that might help
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