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Looking for [Sony] turntable repair somewhere between Houston and Mobile.

I've got a Sony PS-FL7II, a relatively well-sought after linear turntable (due to its front-load nature). I bought it off of eBay a good while back, but the problem is that the motor or whatever it is that controls the linear tonearm movement is either burned out or ... just kind of not operational. Otherwise, the turntable is in really great condition.

I am finally putting a decent stereo in my living room, and would love to start listening to the wonderful library of vinyl I've accumulated over the years as a DJ and collector (I sold my 1200s so I can't be using them).

Can anyone recommend some place to get it fixed along the Gulf Coast (I live in Baton Rouge, closer to home would be nice)? I don't have all the proper shipping tools for it (you're supposed to lock the platter down, if memory serves right, I can't remember and I don't have any of those nuts, so I'll likely make a weekend vacation out of driving it somewhere). Furthermore, is it worth repairing it (read: cost effective), or shelling out $200 for one that is verified to work (one on sale on eBay right now for that price)?
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I'd call around to the local TV/VCR/Audio repair shops. There's got to be somebody in Red Stick that can fix it.

That's not really a recommendation, sorry. Good luck.
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