i need the best late night deli sandwich near Studio City
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Angelenos this question is for you. Say a person is setting out from the car rental desk at BUR c 8 or 8:30 pm. This person likes Canter's style big deli sandwiches and wants to get one that night. Should this person just drive down to Canter's in Hollywood, or is there somewhere in Studio City that will be open around 9pm where she can get a sandwich like that? (Hotel is in Studio City, will be traveling with potentially cranky child.)
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Best answer: Yes canters; arts closes at 8 and Jerry's folded
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I mean...they've got a cranky kid with them and they're arriving in Burbank, staying in Studio City...and you want them to take a 30-min drive from the airport to Fairfax, and then another 20 minutes back to Studio City? That feels kind of nuts.

If you can get them off that idea just for tonight they could get some other food much more easily and then go to Art's first thing in the morning.
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(Or maybe go to the hotel and order Canters via Postmates or some other delivery service.)
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See if you can get Canter’s delivered to the hotel, either by placing an order as soon as you land or setting one up ahead of time. But yep, Art’s closes early and Jerry’s is gone. If Canter’s can’t deliver, try Daughter’s Deli and see if they can.
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I'll be a contrarian and say it'll be a gross letdown to order this kind of food for delivery. Go the next day if absolutely necessary. Studio City is full of great food, I'd look for plan B.
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Go to Canter’s that night and Langer’s the following day. Sandwiches are important.
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If I got a sandwich from Canter's delivered I'd request they pack it up with every part separated until I could put it together myself. The bread would just die otherwise, and that would be a crime.
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