Kevin Smith meeting his wife ... in comic book form?
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KevinSmithFilter: I remember Kevin Smith releasing, in illustrated comic book form, a recounting of how he met, dated, and married his wife. I've heard the story through An Evening with Kevin Smith and remember seeing this comic book. It may have been released by a third party, and not Smith. One way or the other, I can't find that through my Google-fu. (I know, it sounds strange, but it really was rather sweet.) Can anyone assist me in locating it?
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I should clarify, I'm fairly sure this was never actually released as a real comic book. It was paneled as a comic book (I'm fairly sure it was in black and white), but I get the feeling it was an insert to something. To what, I don't know. But if you have links to GIF or JPG files, I'd be appreciative. ;-)
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The original piece, edited by Marvel Comics EIC Joe Quesada, was published in The New York Times Magazine and can be read on Smith's own site.
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Bingo. Much obliged, Beaucoup Kevin. :)

Actually, wait a minute ... Kevin?

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Seriously, man, though, thanks ... that was like about five seconds from question to answer. :)
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that was like about five seconds from question to answer. :)

Behold the power of the hive mind.
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And no, I'm this Kevin, not the one who overwrote Daredevil and was repeatedly very, very late with scripts. ;)
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Self link! Self link!

Even more touching is Kevin's recent story about how he boned her on their first date.
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So, let's just say that the comic ends a bit early :)
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If we're talking about Kevin Smith, his wife Jennifer, and mild public spectacle related to their relationship, you can't forget the picture he shot of her for Playboy's recent anniversary edition.
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Man, he's a classy fellow.
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Kevin actually is often a classy guy in the ways that count, but anyone who has watched the Jersey Trilogy really wouldn't expect for a second for him to be restrained about sexual matters. :)

Much obliged again.
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