Seattle electrician recommendations
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Recommend me your favorite residential electrician in Seattle. Bonus points if they have experience with old houses with some old wiring.
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I've had Switch electric do a lot of work for me over the last few years. They seem to know what they're doing and are patient with my persnickety local permit inspectors. They can be hard to schedule but once you get on their calendar they are highly professional IME.
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I've used As You Wish Electric several times, and while the first guy they sent did not do the job they fired him and afterwards I didn't have a problem with anybody they sent after, so I think that's the sort of thing that could happen to any company. They ended up ripping out knob and tube wiring for me and replacing it with modern safe stuff, among other things.
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Boyer Electric has dealt with our old house well for years. Expensive but good.
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Terry with Jake the Plumber is our go-to guy and we have an old house.
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Seconding As You Wish, Dave did a meticulous job of upgrading our entire outdated, hazardous electrical system.
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