Motion activated security camera to last for three months
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Hello! I'm looking for a indoor only recording security camera for a single bedroom. Motion activated preferred, and somehow it lasts for three months while I'm out of town?

I have no idea what type I'm looking for or what options there are. I guess some sort of uninterrupted power supply as well? There are wall plugs, but the power isn't quite as reliable as I like.

I'll be across the country for three months and would like to get notified if anyone comes in my room, and have the time they are in there recorded.

I can get from Amazon or anything in stores in Houston, but I have no idea what to look for or what options are best. I'm more or less tech literate, with relatively simple instructions.

Thank you!
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Best answer: I have a Wyze Pan Cam for this purpose that plugs into the wall.
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I bought Blink cameras before they were Amazon. They're battery-powered, and the have had good battery life (3 years of intermittent use, including a couple monthlong stretches where the system was enabled 24-7). Motion-activated and controlled by a phone app. The app will alert you if it's down for some reason (generally wifi issues).

They are now Amazon, so there is a charge for storing video and also Amazon.
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Best answer: I have no advice pro or against particular cams, but to address the power issue: if the one you get runs off an USB adapter you can basically put an USB powerbank between the wallwart and the cam. Note that not all USB powerbanks can supply power while they're charging, but all but oneout of at least a dozen that I've checked do (just generic Chinese stuff, probably no use to mention brand names and types as they change that every other week). Somewhere in my Pile_o_Stuff[tm] is also an USB power supply and power bank in one.

There are also similar powerbanks for gear that takes 12V, such as cable modems and ADSL/VDSL routers.
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Best answer: Hi there;
Check out Wyze-I own one,and I have no problems.
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Best answer: My Arlo lasts about that long on a charge.

I got it at Costco but they’re pretty easy to find.
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Best answer: If you've got an old smartphone, a security camera app is a cheap option. I've had good luck with the pro version of "AtHome" for android. The motion detection is pretty good and settings are fine-grained. (If the power's out long enough for the battery to die, you'll probably have to ask someone else to turn it on again. But, it'll give you a buffer.)
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Best answer: In my experience, Arlo cameras require a base station, which would die in your power outage scenario. There might be models that directly use your router, but that's the same problem for the router. (Marketing claims are always real cagey about cables, base stations, etc...)

Newer Arlo cameras have an internal battery, charged via USB. They can record while plugged in. So the camera itself would last indefinitely and survive any hiccoughs.
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If you have an old phone, use Alfred Camera. Phone does not need a SIM just wifi access. I use a 5 yo phone. Would need to keep it plugged in but so would any camera. I also have a Wyze I use that operates on a charge. Just not sure it would last 3 months. I do think if you plug it in as if you were recharging it would stay charged and the battery would work as a battery backup.
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