farro is my friend
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I love farro. The texture, the taste, the fragrance, all of it. Please give me your best farro recipes so I can embark on a farro cooking binge please.

NB: I don't eat pork unless it's in bacon form, so recipes with pork won't be helpful unless I can sub in some other protein.

Hot meals cold meals whatever you got! I need to assuage my farro cravings!
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Best answer: Charlie Bird's farro salad.
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Best answer: Smitten Kitchen's one pan farro with tomatoes is my absolute favorite. I usually add extra tomatoes and sometimes double the recipe because I know I'll eat a whole serving right out of the hot pan. If you have one nearby, Trader Joe's quick cooking farro is awesome for this.
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I came in here to say Smitten Kitchen's one pan farro just like rachaelfaith. It's so good!
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Best answer: Farro with roasted squash, feta and mint!
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I've made this and it's delicious: Mark Bittman's Tuscan Farro Soup
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I love farro in vegetable soup. Gives it a lovely texture.
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Best answer: Another Smitten Kitchen recipe broccoli rubble Yum! It makes a nice side or lunch salad or potluck type dish.
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Best answer: Farro is my friend too!!! This farro salad with wild rice and Puy lentils is universally beloved whenever I bring it to potlucks. And this farro with crispy mushrooms, sour cream, and a whole mess of dill was delicious enough to get my mushroom-skeptical daughter on board. Let us all be farro friends!
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You can make risotto with it, either 100% farro or mixed with rice.
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This farro salad with toasted pecans and apples has turned into my go-to dish. Just as good without the Parmasean.
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Best answer: House special: risotto-style farro with corn. Sautée onion, add farro to toast, deglaze with sake (because we always have it, you could use white wine or skip) add stock/ water, at some point dump in a bag of frozen corn, add a ton of Parmesan and a little more butter after you turn the heat off, salt and pepper
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Thirding the Smitten Kitchen Farro with tomatoes - we make it regularly.
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Best answer: Try this one: Serious Eats Warm Farro Salad with Asparagus, Peas and Feta

I leave out the scallions which I loathe and use an entire lemon, juice and zest. SO GOOD.
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I really like this (obviously if you are making the farro from scratch you could add the other ingredients from the frozen bag mix to suit).
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Best answer: Simple (but a little tricky to get just right) and awesome is cacio e pepe made with farro instead of pasta. So good!
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I make the Smitten Kitchen tomato farro (with sausage) in the winter, and make something like this honeyed apple farro salad in the summer.
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Best answer: There's a farro risotto recipe from a cookbook that I make sometimes where you roast mushrooms with a bit of olive oil in a flat pan in the oven and then add them in at the end. After that, you add in creme fraiche (4 oz) and parmesan. It is really delicious!
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