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I'd like to hear experiences from those of you who have rented a car from Fox Rent A Car. Their prices are about half of the other companies for an upcoming trip I'm booking. Reviews are bad, but reviews are also bad of virtually all car rental companies. Has anyone had an OK experience?
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Best answer: With the caveat that it has been probably 5 years, I rented from Fox in California and it was fine. Everything was a bit shabbier and the car smelled more like Fabuloso than I'd like, but there was no "gotcha" - it was just way cheaper.
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Best answer: I have rented from Fox probably half a dozen times, the experience is always a little less nice (cars a little dirtier, waits a little longer, rental offices a little further outside of town) but it's always fine. Once we realized too late that the A/C didn't work, and another time we had to swap out the car because it smelled like cigarettes.

One thing-- if you're renting from the Vegas airport, the pickup location is not in the convienent location that the other agencies are, and requires multiple shuttles to get to. It was a real pain to realize that at 1am once.
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Best answer: I rented from Fox once on a Southwest US road trip (starting/ending in Phoenix). My experience was consistent with the other commenters and I would rent from them again if the price were right.
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Best answer: I rented from Fox from LAX and ONT and had good experiences. In ONT, someone hit the car while it was parked (and even left their contact info!) and Fox worked with the other party’s insurance without me having to put any effort in. That’s without me paying extra for their coverage. I would definitely rent from them again.

geegollygosh is right about them being offsite, in my experience.
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Best answer: I have rented from them in Denver and it's been fine, though the line has sometimes been 60-90 minutes.
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Best answer: I have had good experiences the two or three times I’ve gone through fox, but not good enough to choose them first unless they are significantly cheaper, which they are not always.
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Best answer: I used them three times in Los Angeles and Puerto Rico. They were nearly indistinguishable from any other company. Perhaps slightly less annoying than some other companies in different locations. I wouldn't hesitate.
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Best answer: I've rented from them multiple times in Florida. I always use them or Ace, because I've been blacklisted from the two majors (because I was late returning the car in one case, and because the car was stolen while I had it, in the other). Fox is fine. Shabbier offices, but so what?
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Best answer: Picked up at ONT and returned at SFO for a 1-week road trip about a dozen years ago. No complaints other than the SFO return lot was somewhat inconveniently located. The car was brand new and had no problems but, weirdly, was a muscle car (like a Dodge Charger or something) that I definitely did not request when I made the reservation.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all these reassuring answers! I would not have thought to look into the location of the office; it is indeed off-site from the airport, but we're arriving late so we'll just stay in an airport hotel and then uber to the location in the morning, saving an extra day's fee as well.
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