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I am writing an essay (that I plan to dedicate a public website to) about spam. I am looking for surveys about what techniques/software/hardware people use to combat it. I also need to know what proportion of ISPs have built-in spam protection these days.

Are there any demographic/behavioral differences of how people combat spam would also be useful. Are people satisfied with managing spam now? What do people consider to be the most effective?

Also where can I find data about the trends in what email clients people are using these days?

Whilst your own opinions would be valuable, I am mostly seeking published surveys about answers to any of the above.

Thanks a lot.
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You might as well search out studies or conduct your own, since this is the sort of information you're after.
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I did a research paper on something related recently. Google scholar may be a good place to start. Also, (news site, blog) articles you dig up may contain facts & figures that you would otherwise have to pay to get ahold of (if you wanted the actual first-hand research).

If you want current data, however, you'll probably need to do your own study. The majority of stuff I found was oldish. Most stuff from 03/04.
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I used to work for a spam filtering company. I would be happy to answer some questions if you'd like an inside perspective. My email address is in my profile.
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Thanks, some useful stuff at scholar.google.com. Will check out those reports judith thanks.

aubilenon : Just sent you an email. Thanks
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I wrote a paper on spam last year-- focusing on the international jurisductional issues (i.e. nothing the US can do about spammers from Russia, China, etc.) The ITU had some interesting reports and spamhaus.org (if I remember it correctly) had some interesting statistics.
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I own a web hosting provider and we're using SpamAssassin with a whole buncha 3rd party rulesets & Bayes training, Vipul's Razor, and Pyzor. I have yet to receive a user complaint about too much spam slipping through.

Hrm. Maybe I'm just giving you a useless answer. I would suggest that you sign up on the spamassassin-users mailing list. There are a lot of very sharp and well known anti-spam folks on that list, and most of the time they're very happy to provide information. I think that they'd be happy to help you out.

It's worth a shot. :-)
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All of the webhosting providers I've used over the last couple years (Verve Hosting, ShieldHost) had SpamAssassin turned on by default for all mail accounts.

Are you only interested in email spam? Because blog spam has become a HUGE segment of the spam industry... Dudes like Matt Mullenweg of WordPress and Dr Dave of Spam Karma have put quite a bit of effort into the blog spam fighting efforts, and I'm sure that at least Matt would be willing to answer an email or two about it. Especially if you ask him about his Akismet project.
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