Watching the Olympics
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Is there any way to watch just a specific sport or two of the Winter Olympics?

Ideally, I'd be able to go to a link or app and just watch all the curling sessions. It doesn't have to be live, but it should I should be able to flip through all the sessions and watch specific ones. Willing to pay a fee. Don't want highlights, want the entire session(s)
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Best answer: In the U.S., Peacock TV Premium has all the Olympic events for a $4.99 subscription. I was able to sign up for a free trial (which I will cancel after I’ve consumed my fill of curling), because of a deal between Peacock and my cable provider.
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In years past we’ve gotten a monthly Sling TV subscription, usually for around ten dollars, which gave access to the nbc online coverage. Feeds for less popular sports (like curling) often have good commentary by knowledgeable speakers, although some might have no commentary at all.

This year though I’m not sure we will.
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Peacock/Discovery+ has this. You can get a free trial and then cancel it.
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I think you can using the NBCSports app? And also go to
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You may be able to watch anything you want live or VOD through if you have a participating cable subscription. The site will ask you to log in through their portal.

(I should note that, at least in my experience, the eligibility seems very loose - for a while we had RCN cable internet that came with the absolute most minimal television package and we were able to access the NBC website with that.)
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If you can get it CBC has good coverage for curling ,
You can replay various matches.

They also have live streams here
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If you happen to have the version of Hulu that has live TV recording, they seem to have a pretty decent interface for drilling down to only the specific source you want. Peacock does as well. After a bit of flipping back and forth last night the main difference seemed to be that Hulu had commentary and Peacock didn't, but I don't know if that will be the case for all sports/nights.
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Worth pointing out that Peacock Premium is free if you have Xfinity/Comcast internet service (EDIT: you need to sign up for their Flex service, which is also free, to get Peacock Premium but don't need to use their Flex box for it). I can confirm they have individual events available live and on-demand replays since I was up at an ungodly hour watching mixed doubles curling last night. 😃
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Best answer: If you’re in the US, see this article about your options for watching specific events.

Otherwise, the CBC has —as you might expect— extremely thorough curling coverage here.
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Best answer: If you are in the United States, I recommend getting a one-month subscription to a VPN service so you can watch CBC's coverage. One month of Private Internet Access is about $9, just turn off the auto renew after you sign up. Then, select a Canadian IP address and enjoy streams of just about anything you want to watch at without having to navigate the fragmented hyper-capitalist mess that we're stuck with down here.
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