It's Groundhog Day. Again.
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Need some help coming up with some easy treats while we watch Groundhog Day tomorrow!

My family has a tradition of watching the movie Groundhog Day every Feb 2nd. We know just about every line by heart (not difficult, considering how often they're repeated) and it's one of our favorite traditions.

This year I've been thinking of adding a Groundhog Day-themed snack or treat to have while we watch, but I'm drawing a blank, so thought I'd ask you all since your creativity far outshines mine!

- Related to either the animal, the tradition, or the movie
- Not too difficult or time-consuming to make; I'll only have a few hours
- Sweet, not savory
- Ideally something that can be made with baking staples so I don't have to make a run to the store, but will absolutely go if I need to

So - any ideas??
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Best answer: Sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist.
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Best answer: Get a bunch of sweet breakfast treats: doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes. "I like to see a man of advancing years throw caution to the wind. It’s inspiring in a way."
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Best answer: Yes! With coffee swigged directly from the pot.

Hostess Snoballs? “Ow! Ow! Are any of you up for adoption?”
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Best answer: Groundhog Day cookies !

I took a rather large cookie cutter and bent the heck out of it until it resembled (to the very suggestible eye) the outline of a groundhog. You could do the same just by cutting out the shape.

Using an ordinary rolled sugar cookie recipe, I take half the resulting cookies and sprinkle them with sugar. They remain light in color. The other half are spread with melted chocolate chips to be very dark - shadows.
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Best answer: Too early for flapjacks?
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Best answer: Also a renegade thought:

Stack several unopened cans of Chicken of the Sea on the far side of the table. When people demand to know why, quietly remark that all this moisture coming up out of the Gulf is going to push off to the east and hit all tuna.
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Best answer: I sure as heckfire would like to see some rye bread rolls.

Bread! Ryerson!

ok I'll see myself out
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and hit all tuna

Boooooo Hiss. I kid I kid. I grew up not far from Altoona so it was cool seeing the name on the map and all.
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Best answer: Also, whatever you serve, serve it twice.
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i love this ask!
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Best answer: toast
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You could make a snack tray with everything laid out in a pretty but specific way - chips on the left, dip in the middle, popcorn on a diagonal, etc, and then almost trip bringing it in.

Later, leave the room and bring in an identically set up tray of the same foods and do the same near trip.

Bonus points if you can do it a third time.

Extra bonus points if you can time it so your phone rings each time just as you're almost tripping.
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Tutu Serve these snacks, while wearing a tutu, offer seconds and say "Too Soon, Too Much, Et Tu"?

Also calendar pages with 02/02/22 would be a great decorative touch.
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Response by poster: Omg, amazing. Nobody but me will drink the vermouth, but it's worth a liquor store run anyway. Snoballs - YES. Flapjacks - YES. Angelfood cake and donuts - YES. Opened can of 'toona' - YES.

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Best answer: A Ned Punch.
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These chocolate bar groundhogs are hilarible, but I haven't been able to find directions for making the faces. The M&Ms are obvious, and maybe red hots for the nose, and chips of hard white candy, like ribbon candy, for the teeth. I can't quite figure out what they used for the eyes, but one could improvise.
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Best answer: The reason why Punxsutawney Phil is being observed so closely in the film is that Groundhog Day is also St Brigid'sDay and Candlemas - and if you drill down to it: Imbolc. Happy Imbolc everybody!

Imbolc is one of the celtic quarter days and in this case, it is the first day of spring. The celtic calendar starts each season in the depths of the previous one - right at the point where the signs of its arrival start to manifest. Hence groundhogs leaving their burrow, snowdrops, first buds, and being light enough to drink your afternoon cup of tea without turning on the light (I'm in Edinburgh).

Anyway: celebration wise it is all traditionally about ewes - being pregnant and hence being milkable. So your snack needs to include something made from sheep's cheese. Yum!
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Truly there needs to be a plethora of alarm clocks around the room, even if you have to draw them.
And some ice cubes to build ice sculptures.
Didn't it snow on Feb. 3rd? Some toasted coconut will do. And toasted marshmallows.
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