Silent Keyboard Recommendations
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Recommendations for a silent (or as close as possible) USB computer keyboard? It will be plugged into an IBM ThinkPad T42.
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i think the quietest would probably be the roll up usb keyboard, or the Laser Keyboard, though in both cases you are going to trade off a tactile feel for quietness
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Computing-platform-blasphemy aside, I've found my Apple USB keyboard to be VERY quiet, although it's getting a bit more noisy recently. (Still nowhere near close my Logitech wireless though.) You might also try the Logitech S510 wireless set. The keyboard is kind of a cross between a desktop and laptop feel, and I seem to recall it being very quiet when I tried it in a store.
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Unless it has rubberized or latex keys, any keyboard is going to make SOME noise when your finger hits hard plastic. However, the roll-up latex keyboards arent so great when it comes to typing comfort, though.
I assume you're looking for something even quieter than the built-in ibm keyboard on your laptop. An external keyboard wouldnt get much quieter than that unless it was made of latex like the roll up keyboards.
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Stay away from the latex rollup keyboards - they're total garbage. Mine was advertised as "virtually indestructible" (in fact, it was the brand linked above), and lasted a week.
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As deadmessenger says, the "virtually indestructible" keyboards have been, in my experience, anything but. We had about 50 of them, and they were failing at a rate of one/two per day after a couple of weeks...
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Thanks everyone. I'm not concerned about long-term durability; I have a few meetings I need to be in the back of a room for and take notes, and I just want to be as unobtrusive as possible
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What's wrong with the T42 keyboard? They're pretty darn silent as is.
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Consider a tape recorder -- or a tablet pc with OneNote so you can write your notes in freehand silently on the tablet screen and transcribe them later (if you write neatly, OneNote can transcribe some of it for you).
OR - this is shocking, I know - how about a pen and paper? ;)
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