Did Richard Feynman ever work for (or with) Apple?
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I know that Apple featured Feynman in their "Think Different" campaign after his death, and that he's wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with one of Apple's supercomputer design logos in this photo -- but did he ever actually work with Apple during his lifetime?
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Best answer: Feynman is wearing the t-shirt from the Connection Machine project, which was not an Apple project.

I have not seen any evidence that he was employed by Apple other than agreeing to this promotional campaign and probably some visits or lectures on their campus.
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Best answer: He's wearing a CM-1 t-shirt, designed by Tamiko Thiel. Feynman worked for Thinking Machines, but as far as I know, that company doesn't have anything to do with Apple.
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other than agreeing to this promotional campaign

Whoever gave permission, it wasn’t Feynman himself. The Think Different campaign began in 1997; Feynman died in 1988.
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Best answer: I am going to say "No" - because any evidence of him doing so is not something that Apple would have kept quiet about. The early history of Apple - may be useful to give you an overview of what Jobs and Wozniak were interested in at that point. But, unlike the Connection Machine - Apple was unlikely to have had problems that Feynman would have been the right person to solve. Indirect meetings and connections, via places like MIT, Caltech or Xerox PARC - probably did happen - but Apple's research interests were more focussed on UI than on Physics.
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