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I've been working my way through Apichatpong Weerasethakul's shorts and they are truly amazing. In addition to his creative brilliance, I appreciate three things: 1) he's prolific, so there's loads of films, 2) they are all relatively short shorts, mostly <15 minutes long, and 3) he's a non-European director shooting from a proudly non-European POV. Who is your favourite prolific, non-European short film director that I can devour next? Arthouse a bonus but not a requirement.
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Australian here! I really wish more people knew about Adam Elliot. I feel he really captures the Aussie zeitgeist and our deadpan humour particularly well, and all his films are touching in their own weird way.

I'd recommend you start with Harvie Krumpet. If you like that, he has a number of other shorter films on his website. Be warned his schtick is claymation -- I hope you are open to films in that style!

Your request was wonderfully specific, but I think I nailed the criteria. While his film output is only in single digits (which may void the "prolific" requirement), many people here would still consider him a prolific Australian artist.
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Cecelia Condit is an American director who's been making experimental short films since the 1980s. Her 2020 short film I've Been Afraid is a favourite of mine, but all of her work is very distinctive.

Jodie Mack also has tons of experimental short films waiting for you to be dazzled by.
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