Canon 20d no longer appears on desktop
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For a friend: Canon 20d not showing up on imac desktop...

When I connect my Canon20D to my iMac with the USB, it
does not show up on the desktop. It is communicating
with the computer to some degree bc when I open
iPhoto, a camera icon appears in the left corner of
the program initially and I can upload jpegs from the
camera, but not CR2 files. I had been using Digital
Photo Professional (Canon software that came with
camera) to convert RAW files to tiffs, but now I am
unable to do so because I there is no icon to select
from the desktop...the program doesn't seem to
recognize the camera.

The problem could lie in the camera or the computer.
I exchanged my first camera that was communicating
properly for another one (hot shoe was defective on
the first). That same day I also had "Tiger" (OS
10.4) installed on my computer and trashed OS 10.2.
Is it possible that 10.4 is not compatable with the
Sorry for the length of this-just thought I should
include all the details. Thanks!
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When you switched operating systems, did you reinstall the Canon software? You might want to check Canon's website for a more up-to-date version if you were using a three or four year old Jaguar-compatible version.

Another option is to try the program Image Capture--it comes with the operating system and allows some degree of file management for memory cards for those who don't want to use iPhoto. It might help you at least transfer the RAW files to your computer.

Another option is to use an inexpensive USB card reader rather than connecting your camera to the computer directly. I like this option because I'd rather not have my camera dangling around on my desk hooked up to my PowerBook where it could be subject to spills, power surges, getting knocked off the table, etc.
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What version of iPhoto are you using? The earlier versions couldn't handle RAW. I've tried using the latest version with my 20D and 10.4, and it works, though the RAW import isn't amazing.

The Canon software is rubbish. Lightroom from Adobe is not. And is currently free in beta.
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I have to use ImageCapture to pull sound recordings and AVIs off my Canon Powershot S2. I have never seen the camera appear on the desktop (OS X 10.3.9 - iPhoto 4.0.3). Downloading the latest update of the Canon software now...
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Go to the local computer store and buy yourself a $15 USB CompactFlash (or multi-format) card reader. (Make sure it is USB 2.0 "high speed.") It's better anyway because you won't wear down your computer's battery, and it's likely to be faster. Also you won't have to worry about losing the camera USB cable, just put it in the box so you'll have it when you go to sell the camera later.
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your computer's battery

Camera's, I mean.
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