Who are your most inspiring peacemakers?
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I've recently read a bit about Samantha Smith, the young American girl who visited the USSR during the Cold War as a goodwill ambassador, and Nobuo Fujita, the Japanese pilot who carried out the only bombing of the contiguous US during the Second World War and subsequently visited the US to apologise. Which other inspirational peacemakers should I know about?
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The Berrigan brothers, Father Daniel Berrigan and Father Philip Berrigan, Jesuit priests and lifelong peace activists who went to jail multiple times, most famously as part of the Catonsville Nine. You can see a video about the Catonsville Nine here.

Also Dorothy Day, a founder of the Catholic Worker movement who devoted her life to caring for the poor and protesting war. Day also went to jail for her peace activism.
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Stanislav Petrov, who bravely judged that an incoming missile alert was a false alarm, disobeyed the standing order to retaliate, and averted a nuclear war.
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Always Dorothy Day.

She seemed perpetually exasperated that people just wouldn't treat each other well. She's so awesome.
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