Any personal recommendations for iPad Apple Books alternatives?
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{rant} I've grown increasingly frustrated with iBook/Books habit of deleting important PDF titles every time I update the IOS and I've absolutely HAD IT with it's flakey offline functionality…

… During a recent stretch of very sporadic wifi I found that nearly all my specialty woodworking books had been “cloudified” and were unavailable…. despite the fact that I oodles for free space. I figured I'd redownload everything and turn off iCloud sync but found that all my freshly downloaded PDF titles were now invisible. Whatever-loving-fuck the point of that is, I am DONE trying to figure out {rant/}

So please hit me with your 2022 best offline reading/organizing apps. I have pdf reader/annotate apps but I'm looking for something with more of a Books functionality, ie. clear thumbnails and book titles. My collection is generally all PDFs - antique public domain scans, reference titles available from museum sites and DRM-free specialty instructional materials purchased from small publishers.

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My default ebook reader is Bluefire Reader, which has a covers view for browsing, but I usually use the list view. The covers view doesn't list the book titles as text. It can open docs from Files on my iPad.

I'm fuzzy on the organizing bit; you might mention the reader apps you're not happy with. Is it only about the browsing interface?
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Documents by Readdle is great for PDFs. There is a cover view and the titles are viewable if the file name isn't too long.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I'll check those out.

For organizing, I only need to be able to keep a few themed collections.

The only other apps I've tried so far are PDF Expert and Kindle, Libby and Digital Editions. I haven’t explored the latter ones much beyond reading purchases (or loans) from those specific providers.

What I think I'm actually most concerned with is a reader that will keep my local collection of books and articles intact and safe from any outside curation or management.
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I can vouch that goodreader hasn't messed with my files but I only use it for pdfs so not sure if it can handle any other format you might need.
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I really like Bluefire Reader but I haven't used it for organization (I use Calibre on the desktop for that) but it's quite good if you need to also open DRMed content as well as your own PDFs.
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I think Documents by Readle works really well for organizing and reading PDFs. It interfaces just fine with the Files app and works well off and online.
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For ePubs I use Marvin. For PDFs I like LiquidText for its highlighting/annotation tools.
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I too have become increasingly frustrated with Apple Books. After doing quite a bit of searching, I settled on Yomu and have been happy so far. It’s got better organizational options, and seemingly reliable cloud sync. Marvin also looked interesting, but I believe it is not in active development which was a worry for me.
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