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After reading this FPP I'd really like to hear what your new music favorites are! I'd like pop and rock and soul music, made in the last, oh, 5 years or so, and I'd be most happy to hear from women artists, though any will do!
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ambar lucid
olivia rodrigo
sofia valdes
bomba estereo
girl in red
wet leg
wolf alice
maybe not so new:
billy eilish
tash sultana
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I have been digging Larkin Poe (link to FPP that introduced them to me). Have brought them a few more raving fans by sharing them with others.
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The Olympians have been getting lots of play chez niicholas.
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Some personal favs:

Pamplemoose, who primarily do covers but do them with real musicians brilliantly. They've got LOADS of songs, but some stand outs (for me) are Bullet Proof by La Roux, Harder, Better, Fast, Stronger by Daft Punk, a Sweet Dreams/7 Nation Army mashup, and my absolute favourite, Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears.

Cannons are just wonderful - try Fire for You or their superb cover of Sex on Fire, but they've got plenty more, both originals and covers.

And if you haven't heard a lot of Morgan James, then boy oh boy you're missing out. Her voice is Try Its a Man's, Man's, Man's World, or a gorgeous duet with her husband on You're All I Need To Get By, or, for sheer spine tingling heartbreak, her cover of Take Me To Church, which she released in 2015 but dear God you must hear it if you haven't already. She's another with a large catalogue worth exploring, including a lot of original songs.
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Aldous Harding
Wet Leg
Julia Jacklin
Goat Girl
Miranda Lee Richards
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Liz Cooper
Katie Pruitt
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A few of the new things I've had on repeat:

Roisin Murphy - Incapable (Extended Mix)
Chaka Khan - Like Sugar
Lakou Mizik - Iko Kreyol
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Celisse Henderson
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The Weeknd
Takeshi's Cashew
GUM (Jay Watson from Tame Impala)
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My listening skews heavily toward female artists, so there are plenty of those in the following list:

Aldous Harding (seconded)
Amen Dunes
Big Thief
C Duncan
Cate Le Bon
Dana Gavanski
Dante High
Dry Cleaning
Jane Weaver
Jay Som
Julia Jacklin (seconded)
Lord Huron
Mega Bog
Shana Cleveland
Sudan Archives
Weyes Blood
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Dry Cleaning
Cassandra Jenkins
Wooden Wand
The Weather Station
Gia Margaret
Amen Dunes
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Lipstick Stains - Seven Ten Split "Don't know where I'm going/But I wanna go without you."
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Favorite records of 2021:

Little Oblivions by Julien Baker
Graceful Rage by Harmony Woods
Driver by Adult Mom
Gami Gang by Origami Angel
The Ballad of Dood & Juanita by Sturgill Simpson
Bless My Psyche by Sincere Engineer
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Arooj Aftab
Half Waif
House and Land
Angel Olsen
Snail Mail
The Weather Station
Yasmin Williams

Seconding Cassandra Jenkins and Weyes Blood
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Some of my fav pop-ish picks:

Audrey Nuna - A Liquid Breakfast
Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now
Ex:Re - Ex:Re
Hannah Diamond - Reflections
Smerz - Have Fun
Sophie - Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides
Sudan Archives - Athena
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The War and Treaty (check out "Down To the River" for a taste).

Amythyst Kiah (she just released a cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" that's fantastic).
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Regal Lily
Yes, I've linked to them before. Yes I'll continue to do so.
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Julianna Barwick
Sarah Davachi
Mary Lattimore
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Christina Vantzou

(Getting further away from pop at this point, but these are all women artists I like a lot.)
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Kate Tempest
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Oh and duh Hop Along
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I discovered Alessia Cara via the Calm app.

Purity Ring came to my attention just before the pandemic hit.

A couple of years ago I stumbled into chillhop. City Girl, on Bandcamp, is my favorite artist in that genre by far.

Replying on mobile, so no links, sorry.
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Kate Kae Tempest. Good recommendation.
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My kids introduced me to AJR and they're fun.
"New York City-based indie pop trio AJR mix barbershop harmonies, electronic music, and other styles into their eclectic sound."
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Big Thief!
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The albums I’ve liked most out of each of those I’ve heard in each of the past three years, all are/with female singers:

* 2020: Sylvan Esso - Free Love
* 2021: Adult Mom - Driver (isn’t it good General Malaise!)
* 2022 (so far): Anna B Savage - A Common Turn

Just typing those out makes me excited and grateful for them.
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Lady Blackbird
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Some of my favorites in the last few years. I found all of these listening to the Fierce Femmes Spotify playlist over the last few years. Punk, pop-punk and rock.

--CA In July
--Outta Hand (song starts at 9:15)
--Notre Dame
--Can't Come Clean/In The Doghouse (acoustic)
--Double Arrows Down

Bad Cop, Bad Cop
--Womanarchist (super cool crowd sourced video)
--Brain is for Lovers (aka the song that got me through the summer of 2020))

The Dead Deads
--Push Me
--First Tooth
--In For Blood
--Sea Beast (Spotify link, can't find it anywhere else)

Meet Me @ The Altar
--Now or Never
--Brighter Days
--Morris Farm Drive

Charly Bliss
--First heard Charly Bliss on AV Undercover, their version of Steal My Sunshine
--Hard to Believe
--Eva Hendricks covers Fountains of Wayne's Hey Julie (acoustic)
--Chatroom, pretty much my favorite song of theirs. CW: about Hendrick's sexual assault. And the video is pretty hard to watch.

The Regrettes
--Heard them first for their cover of Helpless, from the musical Hamilton. I still can't get over that Lydia Night was 17 when this was released.
--Hey Now
--I Dare You
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