Needed: Joke about Narwhals
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I need a really good joke about narwhals that I can tell at work. I googled for a while and couldn't find any that I loved. Also, I'm fairly new to joke-telling, so it would help if it's not super long or detailed.
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Best answer: A penguin falls asleep on an iceberg. When he wakes up, he finds himself frozen in ice, floating in the middle of the ocean. Fortunately, he spies the horn of a narwhal close by. As the narwhal approaches him, the penguin cries out, "Thank goodness you're around, narwhal -- could you break the ice?" The narwhal cocks his head awkwardly and says, "Uh, so... what are your hobbies?"
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What's the difference between a narwhal and a carrot?
One's a funny beast, the other's a bunny feast.
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What’s a narwhal’s favorite Fleetwood Mac album?


What’s a narwhal’s least favorite bar soap?

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Q: Why was the narwhal kicked off the volleyball team?
A: He was always spiking the ball.

(Water polo team also works here.)
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Our local expert on jokes about whales (don't ask) suggests:

So, one narwhal said to the other
"wanna fence?"
[pause for vaguely amused chuckles]
And the other narwhal says "what for, we live in the ocean?"

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I asked my spouse for a narwhal joke, and he came up with this one for you:

Who is a narwhal's favorite conductor?
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Courtesy of last night's bedtime Alexa joke in our household:

Why didn't the narwhal invite the unicorn to their party?
They wanted to keep it real.
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Response by poster: I went with the penguin/narwhal joke, and it was a big hit! Thanks, churl!
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I mean, did your listeners consider for even one moment that narwhals are Arctic while penguins, with the exception of the Galapagos penguin, are entirely native to the Southern Hemisphere?

Hrumph.. so unrealistic..
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