What Are the Best News Aggregators in 2022?
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I've largely unplugged from social media over the past year. This has been mostly good, but I am trying to rebuild how I get my news (used to be Twitter).

That's one reason this longtime (like, back to 2005 or something) MeFi lurker has returned to the blue and finally created an account.

I've been using Google News but I find, even with the settings, it has too many stories on some subjects (covidcovidCOVIDcovidcovid) and not enough on what I've set as my interests.

I know this question has been asked before, but it has been a few years so things have probably changed. What news aggregators do you use? What do you like about them? What don't you like?
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Ive been enjoying rss aggregator skimfeed.com , its a text only site with various topic groups along the top. Each topic page has a 'most popular' of the topic list.
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What the Fuck Just Happened Today is focused practically only on United States political news, so its upsides and downsides are all tied right into that (I'd love similar aggregators that are aware the entire rest of the world exists, so will be watching this thread with interest!). I usually find it a decent way of staying current without the doomscrolling psychological effects.

Reasons to be Cheerful has the mission of aggregating positive stories contrary to "if it bleeds, it leads" factor of so much news, so is a good tonic against the doom firehose.
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Response by poster: Thanks to you both! I will be exploring skimfeed and reasons to be cheerful.
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Weekly Sift is reasonable as a way to cover (generally US-centric) economic, cultural, and political news. Each week, Doug Muder writes 1-3 articles and a weekly summary.
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I just ran across detoxed news because of another project by the same programmer. Haven't used it very long, but it looks like ... calmed-down news? Un-clickbaity? Very straightforward, and I think it limits its sources. The effect of all the serious news with no filler can be pretty intense.
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We subscribed to our local newspaper (as in physical paper delivery) when my husband was on screentime restriction due to TBI and we like it. It's a mix of local news and Associated Press articles about national and international events.
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Response by poster: Weekly Sift is reasonable as a way to cover (generally US-centric) economic, cultural, and political news. Each week, Doug Muder writes 1-3 articles and a weekly summary.

I read this as "Doug Murder" and thought "cool punk name."
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I like bing.com/news/search which is close to Google news- it lets you easily search for most recent etc.
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Hi, I tend to visit Memeorandum far too often. It tracks a number of news sources and changes headline display according to what is trending them, while showing cross-links. It helps to see the left/right divide starkly some days as certain stories get linked to by other news sources of a similar perspective.
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I've been using free, web-based Feedly for a few years and love it. Being cloud-based, all devices are effectively synced.
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