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Is there a good place to find news and updates that inform people in the USA/western/liberal bubble about how other countries are doing? I'm particularly interested in how other cultures might have different conceptions, different responses to, and different outcomes for: (A) COVID (B) housing and homelessness (C) mental health (D) the economy, small businesses, and workers rights (E) quality of life (F) racial equity (G) pragmatism and resiliency

I'm in a covid bubble, inside a parochial mid-west bubble, inside the liberal bubble, inside the American bubble, inside the first world bubble, inside the modern bubble.

I am feeling a desire to EXPAND and GROUND my perspective based on the understanding that my experience is filtered like crazy based on where I happen to be.

I would love to learn about any news sources, academic journals, recent books, youtube channels, or other things that break things down like this: "Americans do A, because of B, and have C outcomes. However, in this culture, they do D, because of E, and have F outcomes." In particular for Covid news, I want to find news that is relatively up-to-date.

I'd like to avoid a news site that I have to check every day for updates. I would rather not "follow along" with a story, and would rather get (close to) the full summary in one go.
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This is not remotely a complete answer, but The Week does this, albeit only with one story a week. Their whole MO is to give multiple perspectives (liberal/conservative, news items/opinion items on same, domestic/international), and such an easy read.
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1. A long time ago I attended a presentation by author Edward Hasbrouck. He wrote a book called The Practical Nomad where he addressed your question in a general way, and one answer was to subscribe to a bi-monthly magazine called Islamic Horizons.

2. Al Jazeera -- their web-site; and I guess their TV channel can be accessed on cable.

3. Another web-site to explore, rather new to me: Rest Of World.
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Slow Journalism's "last to breaking news" publication Delayed Gratification is a quarterly summary after the dust has settled. It's written from the UK with significant international focus. A subscription gets online access to the digital editions of the back catalogue going back to 2010-2012.
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