I want my lyrics to scroll on a mac!
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My friend had this really neat program on his windows computer that I'd like to have, but I have a mac. It was some kind of player that would show the lyrics of the song and actually scroll them while hilighting the appropriate line. Not quite like karaoke, since the individual words weren't hilighted, just the line, but close. It was pretty neat. He said it was ttplayer, but everything I google on that comes up in Chinese! I'm running the latest version of iTunes and Mac OS X Tiger. Suggestions?
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there is a dashboard widget that displays the lyrics of the song playing in itunes, but i'm not familiar with something that does what you're describing. If it exists, though, I'd like to have it!
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I searched iTunes lyrics and found a bunch of choices, from iTunes-specific to cross-platform. There's a Widget that looks like it would be particularly good - probably the one luriete mentions.

The specific feature-sets I don't know, but the line-highlighting you mention is a pretty standard feature in these types of programs for PCs, so I can imagine Mac equivalents being similarly befeatured.
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riverjack, could you specify the PC program that you saw? I'd like to have it on my system!
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He may have just been using an application that supports CD+G karaoke CDs.

A quick google brings up Ktunes and iStar.
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Response by poster: I'll see him again soon so I'll try and ask him about it, but I don't think they were CD+G files - it looked like they were using just mp3s. All I know about the program, sk381, is that my friend called it ttplayer. Everything I googled came up in Chinese, which makes sense because he's Chinese.
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maybe check out EvilLyrics
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