A book query of the New England variety
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What book did I read that featured Louisa May Alcott's house in Concord, Massachusetts?

A final Jeopardy question nudged a small part of my brain in remembrance that Louisa May Alcott lived in Concord, and was a contemporary of David Thoreau. Pondering further, I recall that I read this in some sort of narrative book, but of course I cannot place it at all.

I feel like it was some sort of memoir set in the 20th century, wherein the author or protaganist lives in a big old house, and maybe detailed some of the history of her house, either having been owned or frequented by Louisa May Alcott's family. I feel pretty strongly that the author/narrator is female. If I had to guess, I'd say that I read this about 5 years ago (so not a brand new book). I love memoirs and biographies, so it could have been one of those. I don't read a ton of historical fiction, so that's less likely.

I've browsed Wikipedia's list of notable people who lived in Concord, and none ring a bell as to being the possible author. Do you have any idea what book this may have been?
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Possibly March by Geraldine Brooks?
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Best answer: Perfectly Miserable by Sarah Payne Stuart?
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Jane Langton wrote a series of children's books set in an old house in Concord, much of which is exploring the history of the house?
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Response by poster: Yes, I'm pretty sure that it was 'Perfectly Miserable'. Neither the title nor the author ring a bell at all, but looking at the description and reading a few pages, I'm quite sure that's it. Thank you!
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