How do I do CBT-I remotely but not just through an ap/program?
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I have had lifelong sleep issues and I'd really like to get them in hand. I'd like to try CBT-I but because of my location, various complicated personal factors, and COVID, I'd like to do it remotely. When I look online all I can find are apps and programs not therapists who do this work remotely. What should my next steps be?

(I've read the previous responses on CBT-I but am not seeing clear answers. Maybe I'm too tired for reading comprehension....)

I've always needed a lot of sleep and reacted poorly to anything less than 7 or 8 hours. Left to my own devices, I seem to do best at 9 hours.

5 years ago, I had a terrible postpartum depression. Under the care of a psychiatrist, I started using sleep aids-- Clonazepam and then medical marijuana to fall asleep and stay asleep. In the moment they were a godsend. However, at this point, all of my symptoms are under control, but I am thoroughly habituated to the medical marijuana. I've used it to mostly ween off of the Clonazepam.

I would like to re-learn how to fall asleep and stay asleep on my own and to manage my anxiety when that is not easy to accomplish. It seems like CBT-I could be a really good fit.

But because a) I need a lot of sleep and b) this is all connected to a deeply scary and upsetting time in my life, I'd strongly prefer to do this work with the help and accountability of a therapist who is well versed in the method but also willing to be flexible.

I am having a really hard time finding such a person through online searches. Has anyone done this and have recommendations for either a specific person or how to go about finding one? Have any of you used CBT-I in the aftermath of psychiatric issues? Other words of wisdom are also very welcome and thanks in advance!
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So.. cognitive behavioral therapy.. but what does the "I" stand for ?
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Response by poster: Sorry! CBT-I is CBT that focuses on Insomnia and uses a combination of sleep restriction and anxiety management and...other things? It seems to have pretty impressive results despite being kind of miserable sounding in the short term. From my reading, it seems like it may sometimes be contraindicated for people with certain mental health needs and I may fall within that category which is why I'm cautious about just using an online program or phone app.
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There is some discussion of the available options on this thread:
-- Somryst (expensive, prescription only in the US)
-- This is much cheaper ($50 for the basic version, $70 for the deluxe version including MP3's and email contact with a doctor)
-- Book: "Say Goodnight to Insomnia" by Gregg Jacobs
-- This app is still in beta, but I think it's free (?).
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Best answer: I'm a CBT-I therapist. Most of us are doing CBT-I remotely now. I would be happy to help you find someone in your area or if your in Illinois, where I am licensed, I would be happy to work with you.

A good place to start is with the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine's provider directory.

and also at the UPenn CBT-I provider directory.

Feel free to message me.
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Best answer: I've had a few sessions with and they've helped so far. The sessions are video calls rather than in-person. Good luck!
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