Where to find Passover Coke in Northern Virginia?
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Where can I find Passover Coke in Fairfax County, Virginia?

For those who don't know: Ashkenazic Jews can't eat or drink anything with corn (among many other things) during Passover. This means high fructose corn syrup, which is what Coke and most other sodas are sweetened with, is out. To accommodate them, every year Coke produces Coca-Cola Classic and Sprite that is kosher for Passover, by making it with sugar instead of corn syrup. You can tell which (two-liter) Coke is Passover Coke because it has a yellow cap with "OU-P" stamped on the top.

Not only is this Passover Coke acceptable for Ashkenazic Jews to drink--it also tastes much, much better (in most people's opinions) because it's not as sweet.

I live in Reston, Va., and work in Chantilly. I've checked most of the local grocery stores (and I'm checking Wegman's tomorrow), but with no luck so far. If you know of any place that stocks it or might stock it, please let me know.
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Best answer: Don't know about FFX, but there's still tons up in Montgomery County, at the Shoppers' in Rockville. Katz's Koshermart has tons too. Take you 20 minutes on the beltway/270 to get up there.
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IIRC, Mexican Coca-Cola is made with sugar cane and not corn syrup. But then again, if you are going to the lengths that you are buying Pesadick (sp?) Coke, you probably won't find the necessary heksher on the Mexican Coke bottles anyway.
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Why not just drink RC Draft cola?
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Have you given a local Coca Cola distributor a call? Failing that, give Coca Cola's main offices directly. When I can't find a product, I just go right to the source. Hasn't failed me yet. Since you're actually trying to find out where you can buy some, I'm sure that they'd be more than happy to tell you where you can find it in your area.
Or they'll tell you how you can order a pallet of it for yourself, as General Mills did to me when I inquired about some cereals. :-)
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Every Giant grocery store I've been to has it. Look for the yellow cap. I've also seen Pepsi done kosher for Passover.
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My favorite time of the year!!!

can't help you but I feel your pain!
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Response by poster: I'm going to check out the Shopper's in Chantilly today.

ersatzkat: Last year, that was my experience as well. This year, though, the Giants in Reston have none, and neither do the Safeways.

drstein: That's a good idea, and if I fail to find it today I will definitely try that tomorrow.
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Have you tried Whole Foods and Trader Joe's?
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Can you venture up to Montgomery County? I find the grocery stores there have a great selection of kosher foods year round, particularly the Rockville area. There's a corn allergy in my family, so I stock up on kosher products for parties.
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Response by poster: Found it at Shoppers' Food Warehouse in Chantilly, and on sale to boot! Thanks all!
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