Please tell me of your French language book boulangeries.
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Readers of French language material: where do you find new books? Fiction, travel, essays sought. No mass-market stuff please.

I just saw a lovely proposal for French to English translations for which I'd like to submit an application!

I'm looking for French language fiction, essays, travel writing ... Granta type of material. But I don't know where to look. I haven't yet become familiar with where to find reviews of new French book releases, although that no doubt will come.

Material from any Francophone location or writer is welcome. The only thing I can't use is mass-market fiction, self-help, etc.
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C'est quebecois mais j'aime bien lire Nuit Blanche.

Il y a aussi Esprit
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There is the radio program La Librairie Francophone on France Inter which is a collection of book recommendations from bookstores in France, Canada, Switzerland, and Belgium. There is a resumé of each episode with the recommendations if you don't want to listen to the entire episode.
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