I lost a CD and I cannot find it online, but I know 3 of the songs!
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I had this music magazine (here in the UK) many years ago (certainly before 2008) which had a sample CD on the front. The CD (ambient, dancey kinda music) was really really good and i've managed to lose it. I can't even remember the name of the magazine, but I do remember 3 of the songs on the CD....

The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (a famous song)
Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries (less famous but a great band)
The Knife - Heartbeats (another famous song)

I am devastated I lost it. I've searched for these three tracks together, mixing up the google searches with guesses as to what the magazine was called and I am getting nowhere.

Does anyone know any kind of way to find this CD?
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Best answer: This has the Fujiya & Miyagi song and a different The Knife track.

This has the F & M song and the Orb song.

Do you remember what the CD/magazine looked like at all?
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Best answer: I was going to recommend Discogs as well. Samplers from music magazines are hard to track down, because they never had an official release.

Here's something you can try: Go to the Discogs page for The Knife. Use the search window partway down the page -- NOT the one at the top -- and search for "Heartbeats". That should return every release (that Discogs is aware of) from The Knife that had Heartbeats in the track titles.

Scroll through the list. Official releases, singles and EPs will be first, but then you get to Compilations arranged in date order. See if anything on that list jogs your memory.
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Best answer: MOJO frequently has CDs attached to it - was it this one?
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Response by poster: I literally just found it via discogs!
You found the exact right one probably a few minutes before me sagc! lol
You're right, memory plays tricks, I got one band wrong and another song title wrong, however 'Ankle Injuries' was obscure enough to be googleable.

The Pluto Gangsta - i'll definitely be using discogs in the future, it looks like a really great resource.

Thanks you two, its kind of incredible that this stuff is findable!
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Response by poster: fiercekitten - that's the very one! :) I am in a damned fine mood now!

edit: that page even has the inlay/inside detail! hahah that is so awesome
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