The spaciest, swoopiest, synthiest country music.
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I'm looking for 'Cosmic Cowboy' jams that sits somewhere between psychedelia and country/folk/americana.

I've been watching For All Mankind recently, and the 'Sunrise Transition' caught my ear and burrowed deep. It reminded really strongly of a few tracks off KLF's Chill Out. Both of these sit pretty squarely equidistant between psychedelic and country music to my ears, and I need more.

The musical algorithm overlords are failing me, sending me more ambient music (which is fine, but not the itch that needs the scratch) or cinematic soundtracks (again, cool, but not 'it').

What are you holdin' that plays nice with these tracks? What's a space trucker listening to right now?
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Cowboy Bebop Anime soundtrack?
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For some reason this question is calling to mind more surfy psychedelia for me, so just in case this will ring for you at all you could check out Horse Steppin' by Sun Araw, which is also a quietly-positive slow-building ambient minimalist composition made up of simple rock materials.
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Maybe something off the Hohokum soundtrack?
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I am not quite sure this is what you are looking for, but The Sadies have some surf punk type tracks that might fit what you want.
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Best answer: Flying Burrito Brothers

The Byrds Sweetheart of the Rodeo and Notorious Byrd Brothers

Lee Hazelwood

Earth "the bees made honey in the lion's skull"

Sir Douglas Quintet/ Doug Sahm, Mendocino is a great album

Porter Wagoner "rubber room"

Beachwood Sparks

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Also, may I present to you - The Cosmic Jokers.
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Best answer: I feel like Spindrift is practically the dictionary definition of this. Check out their album The West.

Soft Canyon's only album was definitely psych country. I've loved it for nearly 20 years now. (amazingly the review on my old typepad blog is one of the easiest ways to listen to a track)

Lord Huron is a little more traditional but definitely adds a bit of psych to the mix. My Morning Jacket as well, of course.
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Best answer: 'Switched-On-Country' 1970 album by Rick Powell is really something! Part of his University masters thesis where he re-created classic steel-guitar sounds by pitch-bending on a moog synth. A fun party record. Maybe not what you asked for, but it is very psychedelic-country.
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Camper van Beethoven?
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Best answer: Oh, didn't see the Country emphasis. Aren't the Grateful Dead between Psychedelic and Americana?

(But I guess, the space truckers have moved on..)
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Best answer: "Sunrise Transition" seems to be very heavily influenced by Brian Eno's "Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks" which features Daniel Lanois on lap steel. Here's a good example:
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Best answer: American Beauty...

Box of Rain is the best song ever.

Whole album is awesome Americana
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Best answer: When I think Psychedelia x Americana, I think the Allman Brothers.

Also check out Brian Eno’s soundtrack Apollo, particularly the track Silver Morning. Maybe you got that recommended already by the algorithm because it’s ambient music that sounds a lot like your prompt.

On preview: what jonathanhughes said.
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Best answer: Sorry, forgot one: William Tyler.
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Or Explosions in the Sky.
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Best answer: You may want to spend some time with Garcia Peoples.
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Best answer: Is Dayvan Cowboy too on the nose?
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Best answer: Oh, and check out the soundtrack to Shipbreaker, which is explicitly synth + country/americana for a blue collar space game. Disclosure, i work at the studio that makes it and the audio director is a friend, but it's very much aiming at the niche you're after.
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Best answer: Sturgill Simpson
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Best answer: I love me some Damien Jurado, and his album "Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son" has some odd, spacey, folky tunes like Metallic Cloud.
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Best answer: Try Marty Stuart, Way Out West
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Best answer: A Small Good Thing's Slim Westerns is ambient space country. Roger King and Steve Roach Dust to Dust too.
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Oh it is only literally in space not musically spacey, but I feel you have to play Dark Star's "Benson, Arizona" one time for justice.
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You want Lord Huron

Also "The West" by Matmos.
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The one album that Dusty Trails put out might touch this a bit.
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I don't think this dips as far into the psychedelic as you'd like, but there are now three volumes in the Country Funk anthology series, which definitely move outside "standard" country into interesting spaces.
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Gotta get that Sturgill from the 'Sound and Fury' album, and accompanying animated feature.

As far as spacey and swoopy psychadelica (but maybe a bit heavier than country), you cannot go wrong with Yuri Gagarin.
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Best answer: Try Japancakes' The Sleepy Strange, which I know I've recommended before on here.
Based on some of the best answers you've marked, Israel Nash's Topaz might work.
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Best answer: The Holy Modal Rounders deserve a mention in this thread; The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders might be their trippiest.

Lee Clayton had a couple 'proto-americana' albums in the late 70; not a synthesizer in the bunch, but the slide guitar fills that role pretty well.

Kacey Musgraves' Golden Hour maybe? (there's even a track called 'Space Cowboy'), Slow Burn is gorgeous.
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The Beau Brummels albums Triangle and Bradley's Barn.
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