How can I force Firefox to keep images in its cache?
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I'm looking for a way to access a very slow, graphics-intensive website more quickly. How can I force Firefox to keep this website's images in its cache?

A website that I need to be able to access very quickly later in the week (for registration purposes) is unbelievably slow. Much of its slowness stems from the fact that it is graphics-intensive. Normally, I would simply turn off "Load Images" in Firefox, but because of the website's poor design, it's too difficult to navigate without images.

I'm looking for a way to force Firefox to keep the images that this website uses in its cache. I'm having problems in this regard, because the images expire from the cache within hours of being loaded. (I learn this through about:cache.)

How can I force Firefox to keep this website's images in its cache?
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I don't think you can force Firefox to use cache images* because it'll follow the http spec and discard cache after a certain amount of time.
* unless it's in offline mode, which doesn't help you.

The most sure way would be to set up a local http cache (e.g. Squid) which allows you to ignore http cache directives and cache css/javascript/images permanantly. This would store images referenced in CSS and JS too.

Initially I was going to suggest downloading the images and writing a greasemonkey script to change the html, but then if you don't have an image locally you should be downloading it, and this wouldn't catch css images or javascript images.
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Assuming you're using Windows (I don't know whether they're any good, I don't use Windows),Looks like it's a requested feature in Firefox,[...]gi?id=303247
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From that bugzilla page, "I have noticed Opera 9.0 has a similar feature to what we are thinking." ... looks like Opera might be the easiest option.
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It might be a pain, but you could mirror the images locally use a Greasemonkey script to rewrite the html to point to your local copies (or to text equivalents.)

I'm not sure what the state of the art is with Aardvark and Platypus -- possibly they'd make generating the appropriate Greasemonkey script less of a pain.
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Seconding Opera, it's great for these of things.
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